22 September 2012


So, I just calculated what I had today; this is the shit:

Coffee - Black22
Sweet Bread - SemitasC105
Beer, RegularC-1,225
Wine - White, Dry238

I feel that I will never have beer again.. I can't do without the alcohol, but beer is the cheapest. Wine is pretty expensive, vodka and stuff like that is even worse. Dear me...

Yoyo - Mindsetting

Hi my little birdies!

So, I havn't been updating much, bur right now I'm in a phasing up phase... I guess. I've been thinking a bit of what I've been stuffing in. Not enough, I still do the between meals snacks. Have to get rid of them. I guess I'm going to let it ride in slowly, getting used to having less, less sugar, smaller meals etc.

It's hard. I think I've known for quite some while that I'm a yoyo. I think that just because I've never been "big", that's the reason for my yoyo'ing. I do between 46 kilos (101,2lbs) to 56 kg (123,6lbs) and I think my body's fav weight is 52 (144,4lbs). The 56 kg is kind of a moderated truth. I weighed that much once,  a couple of years ago. But the numbers keeps hunting me.

For me, the problem is that when I lose the weight, I feel safe. So I stop restricting a bit, and then some more... and then I'm back to cheese and cream! And then I hate myself again...

So, I've started to think about what I put in my mouth, it'll prolly be another two weeks before I start counting. I have to take it step by step. I have to remember what I did to get down to 46 the last time, and then try to stick to it. Wish me luck, I will prolly post more the more controll I get!

Fridens liljor!

7 September 2012

Is there anybody out there?


I just logged in for the first time in ages, and was greeted but an old message; "come back!".
I'm sure hoping that I will be back soon. Don't end your "followings", I'll be back on track soon! I just need to get school and work on track! I think I will be able to post at least 2 times/week! I will get back to you on what I'm doing and every thing! Do you have any tips on new diets? Otherwise I might try one of the old ones... again! Better luck this time!

It's hard to stay on a diet when you have NO money! Then you really have to go through your cabinettes not to starve, and there you have all the pasta and sugary stuff. I think I'll get an alright pay by next month, then I might be able to set a week menu.

I havn't stepped on the scales since may. I don't think I want to.. :( The goal this time is to get into my skinny jeans. Size:28/32, swedish size. Wish me luck!