30 September 2011

Not even lunch time!

It's not even lunch time and today I'm absolutely starving! I'm working all day today, and I don't think I will have the time to have lunch either since I have to run some errands during lunch. Buying some scales, among other things.

Any tips on low cal on the go foods? All I can think of is really unhealthy foods like fries, burgers, hot dogs. What you think? Cal limit today is 450.

O well, back to work! No rest for the wicked! I'll write more tonight or tomorrow!


29 September 2011

Feels good to be home before 9

Wow, I havn't been home this early all week. Feels good, and yet I've got so much to do.
Yet, I don't think I will study more tonight, I'll do that this weekend.

I've been in a pretty bad mood today, but I blame that on my study group that just couldn't focus. I hate that! I'm a bit of a mini-dictator when it comes to group efforts so when people don't do what I expect them to I just get pissed off! At least at one of them... the other one's cute, and I think he feels the same about me!

Oh well, enough sounding like a high schooler and get to business!

Again, no working out, except for carrying my 1 ton backpack around all day. It'll get better after wednesday next week. Promise! I really want to get started, get stronger!

So, limit at 500 today, had a nice lunch consisting of nile perch and vegetables, total cals: 320.
I was planning to have a bowl of miso soup tonight because I thought the cal content would be 100, but I misread the packages and apparently it's only 6 cals/portion. So I'm gonna have that together with a crisp bread with chèvre cream, 150 cals, Yum!

Here's the miso I'm going to eat!

I was going to take an outfit pic today, but it's heard to take a whole body picture with an iphone. Sorry!

28 September 2011

400 yet again

I feel like I've been eating all day today and yet I've been within the limit.
Todays meals:

Lunch: Thaisoup from Kelda, 255 cals

Snack: Veggie sticks with hummous, 65 cals

Dinner, Knorr Cup a Soup, Goulasch, 55 cals

Total: 375 cals

I did climb all the stairs up to my apartment, I live on the 6,5th floor. So atleast I've been moving around a bit.

Oh, might as well write that I'm also trying to quit smoking. I did really good the two first week, but this week I've had like 5 cigarettes in school. Which I still think is pretty good compared to smoking a pack/day. Yey me!

I don't feel tired or anything, well, not more than one would usually do after a whole day in school. I think this is going to go really good. And if I can do it, anyone can. I've got the worst self discipline EVER!

We'll see what I've got to say about that on the real low cal days!

27 September 2011

Starting out pretty good!


sorry for not posting yesterday, I got home at 1:30 in the morning from school.
We went for a drink monday night, so good on my for only having half a sallad for lunch, worth about 95 cals. The most calorie rich thing in the sallad was the avocado. Except that it only contained lettuce and bell peppers, which I hate. So I could have two classes of white wine, and trust me, that's all I needed! Also, that's why no pics of my cute autumn outfit were posted.

Today had a 300 cal limits, so I shared a tomato pasta with my mum tonight, worth about 250 cals. My day was packed so I didn't really have the time to sit down and get hungry, so that was good.

I'm happy that I've stayed within limits so far, I know it's only been two days, but still! I've also been better at drinking water. I've been drinking at least 2 liters à day, which is great because it also keeps me filling full.

As I said, I don't think there will be a lot of working out this week, but I've been making sure to not taking elevators or escalators when I don't have to, so at least I'm moving a little bit!

I think that tomorrow is going to be easy, we have a restaurant at school (where I'll spend all day) that sells veggie sticks in a cup together with hoummos to dip in. Yum! That way, I can have some soup when I get home at night.

I'm glad to see that more people have found there way here, let me know what's on your mind and if you're missing something on here.

À demain!

25 September 2011

New clothes, inspired!

It might be a little off topic, but hey, it's my blog and I can write whatever I want on here! Woohoo, newbie-blogger on power trip!
Any who, I got a boost friday afternoon when I got to pick up my season box from H&M. I wasn't feeling well at all and it was nice to get something to cheer me up. Everything fit (not in the size I wanted, but still) and I'm so ready for fall. I might upload som outfit pics, never wrong to mix it up a bit and there's nothing more inspiring to lose weight as some nice clothes! 
Is that something people would want? (well, something that you would want? Since I've only got one reader this far; hello, by the way :))
Don't be shy to send me some ideas for my blog, as I said; I'm a newbie and it would be great to interact with the readers.

Good night!

No scales, how to know progress?

Alright, getting really pumped up for the start of "my new life" tomorrow.
The one thing I noticed that I really have to work on is drinking. Water that is.
This weekend, I don't think I've gulped down even 2 liters. Bad me!

I do have tomorrows meals figured out though. It's on 400 cals and we have a work lunch.
But if I order an all veggie-salad with no dressing I should be alright. Also, I've found and fallen in love with Cup a Soup from Knorr. Their Gulasch is only on 55 cals and really filling.

I am a little bit worried about the exercise this week though, got tons in school due friday, so I will have to stay late, there of also missing my gym classes. I just will have to do some working out at home, I guess. I'll let you know.

O yea, I just remembered. I don't have any scales, so I will probably have to ask a friend of mine to buy one for me tomorrow when I'm in school or I'll have to wait until sometime later this week. But it would be nice to know my starting point. The goal of all this is to get into my skinny jeans. Right now they're barely over my hips. Oops.

24 September 2011

Time to get started. Welcome to my blog!


I do not know who I'm doing this for, except myself. On Monday morning I'm starting a new project. A unique project that I do not think anyone else in the world have tried . Prepared? I'll lose weight! By following a very extreme regime that I have heard of; exercising and eating less.

Could it possibly work?

To make this a little more interesting and controversial, I'll use a method called Skinny Girl Diet (SGD).

Oh, and why do I do a blog about this? As I said, it's mostly for myself. If I have a forum where I have to write every day what I eat and how I workout, it is more likely that I will actually follow this through.

That said, a bit controversial, people will probably hate a bit, but that's okay with me.

Good luck to me! Here's the calorie plan.