31 October 2011


I just have to say that I'm very happy that more and more people are finding my blog and that there's a quite big amount reading it everyday.

Thing is, I'm thinking of adding more pictures of me on here. But I don't know if it's appropriate. I know that I've been posting some pictures when I've been drunk but is that really anything people on here want to see? Make your voices heard. Hardly no one does. If you don't feel comfortable in posting a comment, please mail me at le.mont.blanc@gmail.com

Let me know =)

Visit from the past

Damn I'm tired! I feel like I havn't slept all night, although I did! I did go to sleep pretty late though. I spent the night watching documentaries on youtube. Yes, on weight! How did you guess?!

Today has been super hectict! Even though I know that our monday meetings are somewhat important, it still takes away 2 hours of my most efficient time! And today before sending my boss off to China, I felt that I would have needed it. Of course I finished in good time anyway (and still they're firing me!!!). Nah, I understand them though. My post really needs someone full time! But the whole process of looking for a new job is stressing me out!

Food today.... too much! I had a sallad with some salmon, even though I mostly had the sallad, but tonight I met up with my ex for a drink, and unfortunately dinner. The dinner was nice, it was pretty nice meeting him, even though I felt for pity for him. He has gone NOWHERE since we broke up 6 years ago. Well, yes. He now has a job and, oops, a kid! I bet his a good dad, but I'm not surprised that she was an unwelcomed child, bless her heart. For dinner, I had the ceasar sallad with no dressing, but I know I've been over today! Bad bad me! But, tomorrow is another day... right?

Thing is, I think I'm relying way to much on tomorrow! I have to stop cheating all the time! No wonder I'm not losing weight! Tonight we went to this place that has absolutely no healthy food, but hey! That's no excuse! I wasn't even that hungry! Damn damn damn!

Also, I missed Zumba because of work.... failure! I feel even more like a wale today! What you think? Fast tomorrow to make up for it? Break the habit of eating?

Fridens liljor!

Anyone who gets this picture is awesome!!

Oh, I almost forgot! Today's 60 challenge question!

Q5: Is there any specific event you want to lose the weight for?
A: No, not really. Is life an event? Maybe lose enough for the next family gathering to make them notice?

30 October 2011

Weekend recap!

I had a wonderful weekend with my family! After work on friday me, my sister and her mum got in a car and drove down to Gothenburg and spend the night on a hotel. The day after we just walked around town doing some shopping. My step-mum got me these really nice winterboots from Art Company, they make really nice shoes with 100% natural rubber soles. Nice, huh? 

Visit the website!

I also found this really nice charcoal grey dress with  a dark brown belt and suede patches on the shoulders, so cute! I wore it for the party later that night when we celebrated the 20th birthday of our cousin. It was really nice. 

Grey Anthracite Dress from Massimo Dutti

Bad thing this weekend is that there's been constantly eating! Lunches and then dinner. Gah! I've tried to be good but I'm quite scared to step on the scales tomorrow. I feel like a wale, hopefully it isn't that bad. I havn't eaten anything after 8 o clock at night though. Good on me =) At least I'm sticking to my 60 day challenge promise. 

Day three and four of the 60 day challenge:
Q3: Do you count calories? What is your daily calorie goal/allowance?
A3: Well, this all of you know already! If you can't remember the daily limits, check out my first post.
And as you also know, I've been slipping a bit, but this time around is going to be better! It's just harder when on family trips! 

Q4: Do you work out? How many times a week?
A4: Well, I've finally gotten started. As you know I did yoga and Zumba last week and I'll stick to it. My plan is to do mondays and wednesdays, thursdays if I have the time. =)

Anyways, I'm terribly tired from traveling all day, I'm going to take a bath and go to bed early today!

Fridens lijlor!

28 October 2011

60 days challenge uppdate

Having lunch so I have some time to update, why not with the Day 2 question of the 60 days challenge?

Q: What is your MAIN reason for wanting to lose weight?
A: Well, I don't feel comfortable in my own body unless I'm petite. I love looking fragile and I think that all clothes fits better. And as my mum taught me; You can never be too skinny or too rich! Haha

27 October 2011

Don't count your chickens before they hatch

Well, looks like I'm not going to get to keep my employment after all... sob... It really makes me sad, yet I understand, they need someone who's there fulltime. At least I don't have to go right away. I have a month period of notice from the time that they've found someone to replace me, or if I find something else. Every cloud has a silver lining, I suppose. Good thing by making me sad is that I don't feel hungry at all this evening.

And, to happier things, I LOVED Zumba, it is so going to be my weekly thing together with power yoga!
Burned about 290 cals if ZumbaCalories is to be trusted.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to Gothenburg for the weekend. I don't know if I will have the possibility to update. If not, I'll tell you all about it on sunday night!

Now I have to update my resumé and start looking for a new job... yey...


As I expected, my body is aching today! I don't mind though, it feels pretty good =)

And today I will Zumba att 19:00, it's gonna be so much fun! I hope I will find it this much fun for a long time but if I know myself right, I know that I will grow tired of it in about a month!

Anyways, I'm finally over my 110's! Maybe now I'll actually get to see some results here!

I feel like I've got lot to cheer about right now! My weight, me getting to keep my job, the work out, my essay got pretty good grades and there was almost 100 readers on here yesterday! That's more then I had ever expected. Don't be shy! Say hi!

Today, again, I had the Shrimp sallad (133 cals) from 7/11, forgot to take a picture though, I'll make sure to do it some other time. Besides that I've so far also had 2 slices of cheese (17 cals) and one clementine (35 cals) Which leaves me with 315 cals left on this beautiful 500 cal day.
I have no clue on what to eat for dinner, and I know that I will be starving after the work out, maybe I'll to as last night and just grab a sallad with some nice toppings. Do you have any good 300 cal dinner recipes, please email them to me!

And while browsing through the blogs I read I found this really cool 60 days challenge. I havn't read through it all but it seems like a lot of fun. You can see it under my page links up on the right!
I totally stole it, but I'm sure she wont mind! What do you think? Is this something you'd enjoy reading about?

I guess this week's challenge is going to be not eating after 9, I know it says 8 in the text but there is no way that would work for me, I get home way to late!

And here's the question for today: 

Q: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days? 

A: Well, I'm not tall at all, I'm about 5'3 and right now I'm 109.12 lbs (49.5 kg). I have no clue what my goal weight is actually, this is more of an experiment, we'll see how low it'll go! 

Fridens liljor!

26 October 2011

From bad to good!

My day started with an emergency meeting at the office (made me miss my first class) where we were told that we were all let go. Major shock! Luckily, it's just for reorganizing the organization so it looks like I'm going to get to keep my job after all. This, of course, they told me later this afternoon - which gave me loads of time to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger (300 cals) because it totally stressed me out.

Hello, emotional eating - welcome to my life!

But! As a new part of my regime, I actually worked out today. Power yoga! Man, I'm out of shape. I did manage to keep up, but I was shaking all over and I know that I will have a problem getting out of bed tomorrow morning because of sore muscles. So, I'm counting that cheeseburger as I totally burned the calories after it! How do I know this? Because of this awesome calculator I came across this evening!

Click here for Glamour's Health Calculator
So I burned about 350 cals, and then I had a delicious sallad for dinner with green leafs, tomato/cilantro and mung beans. Yum!

To sum the day up, I did really good! Tomorrow I'll try Zumba for the first time, I hope I like it!


25 October 2011

Final day of SGD already?!

I can't believe it's been 30 days already! And I can't believe the lousy results I've gotten!
I havn't had the time to weigh in today, but so far I've been doing good. It's fast day today and I havn't had a single bite! Goody me. It was just now that I felt some hunger and it's almost 7:30. I think I'll do just fine not eating.

Question is, should I give it another go? One more round of SGD with less slips maybe? And more working out? I finally think I will have the time to, especially on mondays on thursdays, and that's always something!

I'm so tired today. I think I've slept around 2,5 hrs tonight. I got this stomach cramp (due to my sensitive gallbladder) so I've was squirming in pain 'til about 6:30 this morning. Yey! I got some rest in the hot tube with some really hot water though.  And now I've just welcomed about 50 people to our office for this informative afterwork (with delicious looking hors-d'oeuvres) and now I'm gonna do my home work for tomorrow.

Ok, so I've decided! Tomorrow I will go on as if it's day three on the SGD, this time I'll get it!

Fridens liljor!

24 October 2011

New week, feeling good

I hade such a wonderful light feeling this morning when I woke up! I felt and thought that I looked really skinny today. Didn't have a chance to weight in though because a friend of mine stayed the night. Cosy!

Also, she asked me last night if I had lost any weight because I looked to skinny! Hurray! Maybe my scales actually are lying (As if!)!

Great start of a new week that is! Hope all of you are well too, I'm so happy that so many reads every day! I could never have guessed. Now I have to get to work, and I should probably call my odontologist because I kinda derailed yesterday, with no reason at all! Weird!

Fridens liljor!

23 October 2011

Sunday bloody sunday

Well, my sunday was pretty productive. At least there's no laudry on the floor or dirty dishes in the zink. Most of my homework for the week is done too.

Heck, I've been doing so much that I don't even had the time to eat, and soon one of my schoolmates is coming over for some wine. It won't be a Friday 2, but hey, it won't take much for me to feel a buzz.

Somehow I keep counting alcohol out of my diet, maybe because on previous attempts, I've still lost loads while still drinking. How come it won't work now? Age? Am I that old already?!

Anyways, mostly posting this just to post as nothing at all has happened today! Let me know though if you have any q's. I might sum them up in a Q&A-post, but I can't do that without you guys. I know that you're reading, now speak up, make your voices heard and influence! If you don't want to post here in the comment post you can always email me at: le.mont.noir@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

Fridens liljor!

Sleepy time?

Man! I don't know what happend, but I got totally wasted last night! I mean like totally hammered! I was chilling, having some wine and chatting away when all of a sudden it just strikes me! I can't even remember how I got to bed! Talk about binge drinking... kinda scary really... Don't even remember posting that picture on here. Deleted it though, looked ghastly and pathetic!

So today I've slept most of the day, apparently I dozed off around 4 am. Merde, putain!

Been gulping down water and coke zero today, and had the last two rice crisps. I just might have some pasta later, after all, it is a high calorie day. Might as well milk it!

21 October 2011

...but it gets better!

Just an update! Feel so much better right now. I decided not to let it get to me, put on some great feel good-music (mostly Glee, yea, I'm a nerd. What's it to ya!? :P) And danced and sang my ass off. Had to stop because it's quite late, and I think my neighbours might mind! But I had such a great time :) Just to let you know!


I don't know what I do wrong. I've been doing pretty good this week and yet the scales doesn't move. I know that one weighs more in the evenings than in the mornings but still.
I remember the last time I did this diet and the first two weeks nothing happend, but then the kgs just dropped! :( Maybe because I'm on my period, but still... I'm really disappointed and feel like binging hard at the same time as I have no apetite at all. I feel disgusting. Luckily I have almost no food at home and I'm way to tired to cook. All I had today was a 133 cals sallad and 2 clementines (about 70 cals).

Finally finished my essay, I feel alright about it. Hopefully I will pass. Right now I don't feel very optimistic about anything.

Only one week left and I know that there is no way that I will dropp to where I want to. You guys have any other diets I might try? Maybe the SGD just isn't for me. I kinda like the idea of trying the Russian Gymnast Diet, but there isn't many fruits I can eat because of allergies. You think it would be possible to do that diet with only citrus fruits or microwaved apples? (I can't eat raw apples because I'm allergic to the acids)

Please help me out here! I know that there is about 50 readers on here/day, some of you must have an idea?

Also, if you have any ideas on how to spice up the blog, let me know. I'm open for suggestions!

Fridens liljor!

20 October 2011

Stressed out

Woke up with a migraine this morning. So I've been sleeping all day, not writing on my essay at all and it is due tomorrow! Let's pull an all-nighter!

All I had to eat today was 5 rice crisps (Friggs), 30 cals/each and drank lots and lots of water. I don't really get hungry when having headaches, they make me kind of sick.

I found this funny comic from Explosm, I just love cyanide and happiness! That will have to do until I have time to write something more interesting!

19 October 2011

Got lucky

Hello all,

sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was in school all day and then me an a friend had a couple glasses of wine, and hey, before you know it we're at his place. So at least one basic need was satisfied yesterday :) Only thing is that all the wine made me a bit hung over today and a bit nauseous all day.

I hardly had anything to eat yesterday, again I had the awesome shrimp sallad, I think I'll post a picture of it next time I eat it. It deserves to be spread on the net!

Anyways, I promis I will post better on friday when this essay is due, I'll give you my stats i think.

Fridens liljor!

17 October 2011

Good day!

Today has been a really good day, after a stressful night. Last time I checked the time because I couldn't sleep it was 3:30 in the morning. That means about 3 hours sleep. But I'm been going on override today and havn't been to tired.

I also feel that I have made up for my bad behavior this weekend, only had a small shrimp sallad today around 18 o clock and it was only 133 cals. I havn't really felt hungry at all. It was a bit painful right around twelve when I'm usually is having lunch at work, but I just ignored it until it went away. Yey!
Now I'm home though and now the real struggles begins since I know I will have to study until late and that I have delicious rice cakes in my kitchen + pb.  Someone give me the strength!

I'm gonna fill up a huge bottle of water so that I can fill me up with that instead! I can't wait 'til next monday, then I will finally be able to start a somewhat decent work out regim, at least once a week. It's better than nothing, right?

Only 8 viewers left until 400, give me your thoughts on what I should do to celebrate! Any juicy facts your wondering about? Want a grammar lesson in french? Let me know!

16 October 2011

Eyes are bleeding...

My eyes are like bleeding from reading so much, and I'm not done yet! Have to finish a book in french by tomorrow and I have like 40 pages left. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm not on a high level french and the language is pretty difficult.

I managed no to over eat yesterday. I was in school all day long and just had this plate of food that they call: Health plate! Haha! It's this tiny amount of chicken, some melon and just some keso. Yum!

Today was worse though, one sunday/month my family join these other two families for sunday dinner and now we're talking real, old school, swedish cooking. I just know that I've over eaten. I probably wont have the time to eat tomorrow so I'll see tomorrow as a water up day and somewhat a remedy for this weekend's poorly results. I know it's not healthy, but heck, I think I'm on a plateau or something. It was the same thing last time I tried something like this and it's really frustrating. Hopefully next week is when it all kicks into action.

This is what my weekend has felt like!

Hope you all hade a lovely weekend, I love to see that there is more and more of you dropping by each day! How about a small celebration when we hit 400? What would you like to see on the blog to celebrate that? Don't be shy, give me some options!

Well, now I'm just gonna dry the blood out of my eyes and keep on reading. Merde, putain!

Fridens liljor!

14 October 2011


It's almost ten at night here and I've just finished working. I'm so tired! Too tired to write this, but what do you do! I can't have to night of not writing!

I have barely eaten today, I had some grapes at the office and that's it, so now I just ordered a small sashimi (home delivery, o yea!), I'll count the calories when it gets here, and I'm thinking about swopping today's calories with tomorrow's. Tomorrow I'll just be in school studying all day anyway so there's no reason for having that high cal limit. So, if tomorrow is 500. Do you have any good tips on what to snack on all day? I rather have like 10 small snacks than one big meal tomorrow. Don't say cucumber :P

Yesterday was great, after school (again, with no time for lunch :() we all went on an "after school", we didn't get home until like 2 am so I was a wreck this morning. But it was so much fun! We all just had a couple of drinks, went to dinner (I ordered this thai beef sallad, but they messed my order up so I hardly had any, keeping me within limits :P) and then went to karaoke! I love karaoke! I did my "I will survive" as always and then a grease duet with the guy I think I've told you about! Yey! Also, I looked super cute in my outfit.

Best thing, one of the girls there (really slim and pretty) said that she was jealous of my thin (?!) thighs! Made my night!

Sorry for not posting so much on what I eat, and how many calories, but my days have been so hectic so I just quickly calculate, is happy with the result or change my mind, and then forgets about it! Haha

I'll try to do better!

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

Fridens liljor.

12 October 2011

Bad, bad day

In so many ways. Food... don't even get me started. I think I've eaten at least 200 calories over the limit. And no time to work it off, damn damn. Tomorrow I'll do super good! I blame it on the cold, I just felt as if I would fall down and fall asleep on the spot if I wouldn't eat something, and trust me, the alternatives at our school aren't the best. Yuck!

And I've only lost a kilo so far. Maybe because I'm not working out, but is it really supposed to go this slow?

Then I got scolded in class for not finishing a book! Gah! I hate that feeling, but there's been so much this week. Anyways, bye bye life for a couple of days. If I don't post long it's because of school.

Good thing though, I got a dress delivered today that I've completely forgotten that I've ordered. It's really cute. We're having this "after school" thing tomorrow, I think I will wear it with my new over knee socks with ribbons. What do you think? You can't really make out the pattern in the pictures, but it's like flowers.

Now I'll have to run down and get my beanies and mittens, it's getting really cold up here! 

Fridens liljor!

11 October 2011

Poor little me!

I've catched a cold of some sort. My brain is trying to move out of my head and I'm tired all the time. My whole body is trembling! That's why I didn't write anything last night. I just got home, made mum make me dinner and then went straight to bed after having a long bath.

I did have the crayfish sallad for lunch, it was great, and really filling! For dinner I decided not to count the veggies since I reckoned that I needed all the extra energy I could get because of feeling sick. So me and my mum had these tiny sirloins steaks, about 110 grams (about 180 cals) with a green mix sallad, cherry tomatoes and some parmesan cheese on top. I don't even remember falling asleep!

Today, I have been as good as yesterday, if not better! I started out with a cup a soup for brunch (55 cals) and then for dinner I cooked for my mum and she loved it! I love cooking! And this time I tried something new and it was only 200 cals/serving. I made this really nice mushroom lasagna with truffle foam. I got the recipe from this book:

4 persons


Other fun things today, me and my mum met up at the mal close to where we work to buy her some mittens, instead we got home with this for me:

It's this hair curler that works with IR-heat, a new shampoo that we got for free from the gorgeous man selling us the curler (both from HerStyler) and some knee socks with ribbons (Twilfit). Big like on that! 

Also, when we went grocery shopping, the store we went to had this bright pink trolley that totally made my day! It's SO pink! Not that I have a pink fetish or anything, but it's just so much fun!

O well, now I have to finish writing a questionaire for school tomorrow. No rest for the wicked... not even the sick ones!

Fridens liljor!

9 October 2011

What are we good for...

...absolutely nothing! Well, that's not what I feel at all, but it kinda sums up my day of absolutely nothingness. I can believe I let myself sleep away all my weekends, but it's so nice! And my bed is kind of hugging me and wont let me leave!

I made myself some pasta today, with just garlic and some parmesan cheese (550 cals), couldn't finish it all at lunch time, so I've just been taking a fork full when ever I feel a little bit hungry. Been working out great, feeling kind of like a slobby bachelor, but hey who cares? So I have 150 cals to spare. I know there is a piece of chocolate in the fridge, about 50 cals, so I might let me to it soon!

Found a small database of low-cal recipes in my other computer that I've totally forgotten about, will probably start cooking through them soon. Especially on the days that my mum lives here (2 days/week), it's always nice to cook her something nice.

Tune in for some good recipes :)

Tomorrow we're having another lunch meeting at work, worked out pretty good last week when I ordered just a salad with no dressing, but the guy buying the salads has like no fantasy so it was way to boring! I'll try to give him better directions.

Planning on this:
Lettuce, 14 cals
Mung Beans, 30 cals
Crayfish, 60 cals
Ceasardressing, 50 cals

Total: 154 cals, pretty good for a lunch, I think! Almost like a ceasarsallad but with crayfish instead of chicken. Yum!

Don't know what I'll have for dinner though, I'll browse a bit and see what I'll come up with!

Men skinnier than me?!

Had a very unproductive day where I did absolutely nothing. I mostly slept all through it.
Then I had a very nice time at my bf's house, she was having a moving in party and I was invited for dinner before. She made homemade pizza! I felt pretty bad because I couldn't eat as much as I wanted of it, because it was delishious! I'm not really sure how many calories it was, but I figured that if a ordered pizza is about 1500 cals, I guess I had about 500 cals tonight. It wasn't anything too unhealthy on it, except the cheese.

The whole evening felt very international, we had representives from Belgium/France/Italy, the US and from Germany. It was great! I just got home though and it's just past 3:00 and I'm just gonna go have a long date with my pillows!

I don't know why I am so tired, I feel like I could sleep ALL the time! Maybe it's just because autumn is coming... I hope so! Speaking of autumn, I just realized that it is so much harder to eat low cal during the dark months here in Sweden. The whole food industry just turns on you and wants you to eat all these rich meat dishes with mashed potatoes (drool!). But I'll try to stay strong!


Oh shoot! I forgot to mention why my headline says what it does! Tonight, going home on the subway, I sat opposite to a man, I think he was about my age if not a lil bit older, and he was way skinnier than me. It kind of made me think, I envied him for being skinny, but I don't know if I could ever get together with a man skinnier than me. I don't really find it manly enough, not to step on any toes.

Oh... And I desperately need a smoke. All shops closed. Putain.

8 October 2011

As I said... friday!

I've decided, that instead of counting veggies, I'll count them all up and drink them in stead.
I know it's really stupid and unhealthy, but heck... it's fun! =D

A bit (yea...right) tipsy right now and I'm just trying to post anything stupid or o say anything stupid to one of the guys I like... darn it!

7 October 2011


O my god, I need this friday so bad! My mind is in a million places at once and I'm exhausted!
If someone was to ask me what I've been doing this week I don't think I could answer.
Good thing I can refer to my blog!

I've been jolly good staying within limits though. Today I've had a thickened veggie soup (i'm starting to see a pattern here), only 100 cals, and three sandwich ham slices about 50 cals. Right now I'm gobbeling down some butter flavored popcorn, only 113 cals/serving, yey! Friday and all!

That leaves me 187 cals for later tonight if I need a snack... out of my absolutely empty fridge. Filling up time tomorrow I guess.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Fridens liljor!

6 October 2011

First day at 24

So, been in school all day, had an oral presentation that I think went pretty well. I was so nervous so I don't really remember much of it!

Foods today was hard to chose, I put more strain on my braces yesterday so i couldn't have anything crunchy. Ended up with some pasta worth 390 cals, had it pretty late and filled up on coffee all day.
Not very healthy, I know, but I was so stressed out so I could barely think of food.

Tomorrow's limit is 500, I think I will have a soup at school, 290 cals. Thing is that I will be there from early morning 'til late night so I have to figure out what to have for dinner. Any tips?

I really miss the instant mash in a coup that I had in Brussels, it's flavored mashed potato that you just mix with hot water and it's like 200 cals. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Yum!

O well, bed time, I still have two books to finish!

4 October 2011


No! I did not stay within limits! Birthday = splurge! Have people over, I'll tell you all about it in the morning! This is me!

3 October 2011

Last day being 23

Alright, busy busy day! Was at work at 8 and worked til 17, then school and I just got home in time for homework! Gah! Bye life!

Bad choice in lunch today, because it was so high in cals so that it's all I'll have today :( Had some brie with salami on a salad, that's about 350 cals because I didn't have the bread it all was served in. I could have a soup now if I wanted, but I think I won't because of the huge mess up yesterday.

Don't really have the time to write more right now, homework due tomorrow.


Sorry sorry sorry!

Sorry I havn't posted this weekend! I left my computer cable at the office so the computer has been dead. I've felt almost like a half person! Haha

Weekend was great, had a tad to much alcohol on saturday so I was a mess on sunday. But it was cosy just lying in bed with a friend and watching tv. We were supposed to go on a concert on saturday night, but the line was insanely long so we skipped in and went to play pool instead. Fun!

Food wise, I don't really want to tell, but yesterday I had half a pizza. I think that's about 1000 cals! Oops!
And I've been to busy to work out, I think I just will have to take it for what it is and move on. Forget about it. No more hung-over binging!

Write more later, work work work!

1 October 2011


Everything was fine a couple of hours ago, but now I just want to cry.
I don't know why. Maybe because the scale says one thing but the mirror another.


Moment of truth...

... and I feel pretty good. I bought a scale today, and considering the last time I weighed in, it's not too bad! When I happened to step on a scale this summer is was like 10 kg over my goal weight. But apparently I only need to lose 5!  And I even over ate today! My best friend had a friend over from India who cooked for us. It was this amazing vegetarian meal. Main food was an eggplant stew that we ate with this potato stuffed bread! It was great! So great that I didn't care about cals or anything. I had 100 cals over from lunch, which was this nice Ceasar sandwhich, 350 cals. That would have left me with 100 cals. But I've decided not to turn home cooking down, at least when they've counted me in already!

But, even though the scale says one thing, my eyes says another! It's a new scale, mind you! I have no problem with my stomache, but my thighs.... woah! They're like flooding over. Even Noah and his arch would have been doomed!

I think it's because I havn't had any work out! I can't wait for monday night class to be over (3 more weeks) Because then I could actually work out and have fun!

Tomorrow is going to be fine! I'll be washing up and cleaning all day, that means, no time for heavy cooking! And at night I'll be going to this live concert in town. It's going to be great! If you havn't heard Yelle yet, check her out here: www.yelle.fr

Besides that, I'll have to buy everything for my birthday celebration on tuesday, I'm going to serve to bubbly and some nice snacks. Maybe wine leaf raps. Don't know yet!

Anywho, I'm tired and a bit drunk. I'm going to bed! See you all (I love that more and more are joining in!) tomorrow!