29 March 2012

One meal/day

I slept super long today. I think I better start taking my allergy pills soon, I think that's why I'm so tired! I just had tea all day until I got to work. There I had a small sandwhich with cheese (of course) and some peanuts. I think that's ok! I have no idea how many cals that is. I know that the two slices of cheese are worth 100 cals, but the rest... hmm... can't be that bad though, even though I know that peanuts are super high cal!

So now I'm back in my pretty little sofa, gulping down even more tea! I have to be careful not to run out though, I wont afford to buy more. I guess I can always take some from work.

Just watched the finals of the swedish Biggest Loser, very inspiring! I don't think I'll have the time to post anything this weekend. We'll see!

And just because I have absolutely NO money, I have this urge to shop!!

28 March 2012

Well, i guess I'll go on a diet

... because I made a mistake and payed 3 months rent in advance so now I am completely broke! At home I've only got some pasta, fish and vegetables and that's what I have until the 25th. Let's call it the Skinny Poor Girl Diet! Haha!

Sorry for not posting, it's been Hostel Mont Noir at my place for the last week. First I was visited by a friend from Brussels and then my mum spent the weekend here. Busy busy!

Spring is finally coming to Stockholm, yey! It fills me with so much energy. Tomorrow I don't have any classes so I will take a walk into town. It takes about 40  minutes by bike so we'll see how long it will take. Also, I wont have the money to buy a new commute card, so I guess I'll have to rely on my legs and bike. I hope it won't be raining to much! I guess this is the month I'll finally stop smoking and also a white month since I wont be able to buy any wine. Sounds like a really boring month! Haha!

I bought a new couch this weekend, it's awesome. A really cute rococo thing in pink. Love it! So there's where I've planted my butt for the evening watching the swedish finals of Masterchef.

Spring is here!

19 March 2012

No rest for the wicked

So it's past 11 pm and I'm sitting here drinking coffee so that I won't fall asleep. I have to finish a part of my composition by tomorrow. I'm so far behind! But at least I'm doing it now. I always work better with the whip on my back. Food wise has been horrible today. I really have to be better at not falling for tempation when at work. Crap crap crap.

How's your day been? =)

Day 28: Are there any foods or drinks that you've completely banned yourself from consuming or do you believe in everything in moderation?

Well, I've tried. But as soon as I tell myself that I can't have something, my mind focuses on only that, so I don't think that's the right path for me. So I guess that I believe in everything in moderation... or less :)

Weekly challenge: Go buy yourself a nice item of clothing one size too small, hang it somewhere visable. Think about how good it will feel when you can fit it!

I get my salary on friday, so this is very doable! Haha

Day 29: What is your current weight? Have you lost, gained or maintained your weight since day one?

I've maintained it, I'm still 50 kgs ( 110.2 lbs). No wonder though since I've been cheating so much!

Here's a litte treat for you. I was bored this morning, so here's some skin! I actually like the way my back looks, it's not as fat as my thighs! Damn you thighs!!!

17 March 2012


So, back on my feet since thursday after being knocked out by influensa. Yuck!
Have so much going on right now and so much for school so this week I wont have much time to blog! That gives me sometime to figure out what kind of regim I should take on. Maybe SGD again and actually try to follow it through. Do you have some diets you think I should try? I'm pretty open to anything right now!

Here's the follow up on the 60 day challenge, I've been pretty good at keeping it up. Not working out when I was sick, but still, then I hardly ate anything.

Day 20: Do you binge? How often and what triggers it?
Yes, maybe once/month. What triggers it if often when I'm doing really well on a diet or the opposite. If I've done well, I always think that I can have a little treat and then I end up emptying the fridge. When I do bad, I just think "what the heck! I'm a fat pig anyway!"

Day 21: Do you listen to music when you work out?
Not really, I usually work out by taking fast walks and then I find it annoying and somewhat scary not o hear what's going on around me. When I work out at home I do it infront of the TV.

Week 4: Switch up your diet! Try one new fruit and one new vegetable everyday that you havn't tried before and learn how to cook a healthy meal.

I'm just going to skip this challenge since there isn't much in our supermarket's veggiestands that I havn't tried, and I'm already a good cook so...

Day 24: Is losing weight one of your top priorities in life?
Yes, at the moment. It's what I think about the most.

Day 25: Do you ever eat fast food?
Yes, some days I let myself to a small cheeseburger, but then it's only that. It's about 320 cals. I wash it down with some Coke Zero.  :)

Day 26: Do you drink alcohol? What do you generally drink?
Yes, I drink quite much, often by myself maybe two nights/week. I know it's not good... I drink white wine.

Day 27: Does shark week make you more hungry and do you allow yourself to eat more at this time of the month?
No, luckily it doesn't affect my hunger at all. I get more thirsty though...

12 March 2012

You give me fever

I thought that I made it but damn those bugs are hard to dodge. Vertical positioning since saturday. I'll update when I feel better!

8 March 2012

So tired

Well, the honey water thing has been going pretty well all week. But I think I've hit a plateau or something, the weight just wont go down! I've been moving a lot, walking for at least 30 minutes and my work means some heavy lifting so it's not like I havn't been excercising. To night I had a "fuck it all"- dinner and made myself a grilled cheese. It's about 500 cals but that's all I've had all day. I think that's my biggest problem. When things isn't moving fast enough, I give up way to easy. I don't know what to do really. I think I need something that I can bring with me everyday that I can spread evenly to my meals. But I don't have the time or energy to cook at night for me to bring it. Maybe I just should boil some eggs so that they're ready to go all the time. I don't really like eggs but it seems like the easiest thing to do! I'll definitely hate eggs after two days but maybe it's worth it. Or maybe I should jump on one of those fixed cals/day type of diet again. But it's too hard for me to plan my meals at the moment and I don't want to eat sandwishes for lunch but that's the only thing I can think of that is cheap and as easy to bring as eggs.

Any ideas?

Fridens liljor!

Day seventeen: Have you ever been called fat or skinny?
I was called skinny when I was at my lowest weight about one year ago. Loved it!

Day eighteen: Do you have to eat any meals with your family? Are they for or against your diet?
I do sometimes, maybe once/month. Since I'm not really on any diet at the moment they have nothing to be against =)

6 March 2012

So much to do

I've been taking on too much work this week! I have no clue on how to get everything done on time. Hopefully I'll do ok! Good thing about it is that I'm in the front desk all week with no access to food! The honey water thing has been going really well! I've had small dinners, around 400 - 500 cals, but nothing else. The honey is really soothing and keeps me from getting hungry. I'll try to reduce the food and maybe making a fast out of it. We'll see how it goes. I don't want to set my goals to high because it seems I have so much easier to fail when I do! I think I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning to get a clearer picture on how it goes.

I've had a brisk 30 minutes walk today as my work out! I'll do that tomorrow too as I have a 30 minute long break at work. Better than eating!

Day sixteen: Have you ever missed a work out just because you just couldn't be bothered?
Too many times to count!

5 March 2012

Nopes, didn't work

Well, the only positive thing that came out of this "diet" I tried is that I'm now 100 % sure that I am not to keep food at home. I will eat it all. At once! I've been feeling so bad these couple of days. I did post after one big slip up where I actually boiled chicken in butter. But it was so poorly written even I couldn't make out what it said! 

I havn't dared to weigh myself yet. I'll maybe give it a couple of days. I'm thinking of just taking it easy on myself at the moment since I have so easy to binge at the moment. 

I did buy some honey though. I'm thinking of replacing as many meals as possible with honey water for a couple of days. Today I had a sandwich at work, but other than that I've only had the water. It's good for when I'm really longing for something sweet. We'll see how it works. I need to find something better to do soon though. I think that the only food that will get in to my freezer at the moment should be greens that I can wok or something. Nothing else! No butter, no pasta, nothing that I can cook huge amounts of. 

Here's to catch up on the 60 days challenge. I havn't had that much cheese. I had it today on my sandwich, but I'll try to stop that too.

Day twelve: What are your friend’s eating habits like?
I don't know really. 

Day thirteen: Is your diet ever negatively influenced by your friends? Do they pressure/tempt you to eat unhealthy food?
Yes, all the time! I have to be stricter!

Day fourteen: Do you ever allow yourself a “rest day” from exercise or a “cheat day” from your diet?
Haha all the time, that's my biggest issue!

Week three!
Weekly challenge: Add an extra 30 minutes to each work out this week, or if you weren’t going to work out at all one day, work out for 30 minutes!

Day fifteen: What is your favourite kind of exercise?
Zumba and any kind of dance. But it's hard to get into my schedule. I guess I'll have to start those rubber bands I bought 1 million years ago! Haha

1 March 2012

What kind of sorcery is this?!

I think some one is feeding me fat through a tube when I sleep. Or that the diet I'm trying now is just bullshit! Well, I was aware of that it was a lot of food, but pretty spread out atleast. But in two days I've gained 2 kg! WTF?! And it's not that time of the month yet so it can't be because of that. You guys who have seen the diet plan, what do you think? Is it really that bad that it would make me gain that fast?!

Biggest issue right now though is that I've already bought all the food and I don't want to waste it because of the cost. I think that I might just half the portions and eat if for a couple of more days. Hopefully that will work.

O well, back to my studies *sigh*

Question 11: What are your family's eating habits like?

There are reasonably healthy I think. But my mum, as I've told you, uses this crazy amount of butter when cooking.