24 November 2011

Calorie mix up!

Ooops, I switched yesterday's calintake up with today's so today I'll only have 300 cals.
I havn't had anything to eat yet and I'm getting pretty hungry.

I didn't weigh in this morning, I was afraid to after these days with no calorie limits. Yesterday was fun though, my class mates and I went to this bar and had some beers. Since I hadn't eaten all day I got pretty wasted pretty fast! Haha. But at least I got in bed early then.

I won't have the time to Zumba today, I have to pack and start with this essay for school. I have no clue on when I'll have the time to do it! Gah! This weekend I'm going down south to celebrate my mum's b-day. It'll be weird without the dog there, I bet it'll be really quiet!

I'll post when I get back home tonight too. Then I'll give you some stats and what I decide to eat today.

Fridens liljor!

23 November 2011

Back in b-nizz

I'm to wasted to write anything insightful right now. Since I've decided not to count alcohol, all I've had is one medium serving of fries from McD's. That's 340 cals.

Sleepy time now, I promise to write more tomorrow. At least my mum went home today!

22 November 2011


Hey all!

Since I don't really have the time to post because I'm at work and because I'm starting "over" tomorrow. Here's a little calligram that I made for class today =)


21 November 2011

Sorry sorry

Sorry for not posting! My mum is like I said stranded here and is watching me like a hawk. Not possible to ABC when she's around. She's going home wednesday, then I'll just pick up where I stopped on day 4. Bare with me, will be back soon! At least I've been working out today! Yey!

19 November 2011

Birthday dinner

Damn, I though I'd be lucky and they'd serve a roast. But no, there's salmon with mash. And this really rich hollandaise. I only had a little but I know that I must have had at least 700 cals.


18 November 2011


A colleague just offered me this really nice looking chocolate cream and I just had to have one. Stupid me, I can feel my stomach hating me for it and now I feel kind of sick.

I had to have a sandwish before too. Why can't I be stricter! I'm well about 300 cals now and that was supposed to be the limit for today. I'm so tired of excusing myself all the time, it doesn't make it more right.

FML at the moment!

Up and down, down and up

Well, yesterday started out really good; morning weight 48 kg (!!). I felt really happy.
But then nature struck and it's that time of the month, so today when I weighed myself I was up to 50.5 again! Merde!

My mum is laying sick in my bed unable to get home because of otitis, so she can't fly. It's cozy and all but it kind of messes up my eating plans!

And today's my dad's birthday = birthday dinner. No 300 cals there. I'll try not to eat anything all day until I have to go there. I know that there's a big risk of me just shoving food down my throat because I will be starving by then but I'll try to restrain myself.

Also, since my mum is prolly going to stay over the weekend, it will be really hard to stick to those low cal days. Maybe I can do some boullion soup, that's low cal and pretty nice when you're sick with a soar throat.

Kinda short update today as well; here's the Q&As.

Day twenty-three: Do you feel that your weight holds you back socially?
A: Yes and no, yes because I feel so guilty when we're out eating and I really want to have what everyone else is having, just because I don't want to have to answer any questions. But other than that, no.

Day twenty-four: Is losing weight one of your top priorities in life?
A: At the moment, yes! It's that, finding a new job (I've got a call back to a second interview, it's on monday! Yey!) and not failing my french course.

Oh, and here's a nice song inspired by the title of this post! Enjoy!

16 November 2011

Another good day! Hurray!

I think this is going pretty well! I havn't felt that hungry at all and been good to stay within limits!

Morning weight: 49.5 (109.2) Feels good to be down below 50 again! Yey!

This is what I've had this far today:
Part of a mozzarella and turkey sallad, which was really easy to count the calories in because they marked everything they put in in grams. 170 cals!

So tonight I can have the rest of the ham I've got at home: 50 cals, and 1 cup of melon: 64 cals.

It just hit me that I'm supposed to get this kitchen scales because I signed up for a magazine subscription that I havn't gotten yet. I'll have to call them and make sure they send it to me!

I might have a new job next week, going to my first interview tomorrow and it feels pretty good!

Wish me luck!

My mum is soon coming home so I can't really write any longer. Promise a juicy one soon!

Day twenty-two: Are you generally smaller or larger than your friends?
A: Well, I'm shorter, that's for sure!

New challenge today! I havn't been very good with the last one, but this challenge thing is more for fun anyways. This challenge is really fun though: Switch up your diet. Try one fruit and one vegetable you’ve never tried before, and learn how to cook a new healthy meal.

Fun fun fun! I love trying new things. I hope I'll find the time to do some cooking though. Maybe this weekend! Any nice recipes you think I could do? It would be fun if you readers would interact more! I promise pictures and ratings!

Fridens liljor!

15 November 2011

Good day!

I'm so freaking tired at the moment so this will be a quicky!

Morning weight: 51.5 kg (about 113.5 lbs)
Breakfast: Vanilla yogurt and two slices of cheese 170 cals
Lunch: I don't remember eating lunch, but on a not I wrote 50 cals, so I guess I'll stick to that
Dinner: 3 slices of ham and som parmesan cheese 250 cals

Then I did Zumba with toning sticks (so much FUN!!) and that apparently burned 470 cals.

Total: 470 - 460 = 10 cals.

Feels pretty good about that! I've been really bad at drinking water today though, and I forgot my water for Zumba so I was parched when I got home to my freezing apartment. I'm not kidding, it was so cold that my nose started hurting. The balcony door had been open all day. I finally got the heat up though.

Day twenty-one: Do you listen to music when you work out?
A: Well, since I mostly do all my working out in gyms, yes. Zumba music is so much fun!

I havn't done well with this week challenge, with the 30 min workout everyday. I kinda sucked at it. Unless you count walking... I don't know if I should? Should I?

And hey, how do you like the new layout? It's pretty bad isn't it? I'll change it sometime when I get the time or feel inspired.

Fridens liljor!

14 November 2011

Slow night.

I totally wanted to get some wine and get a little bit drunk tonight, but I forgot my id and now I'm way to tired to get out again. I havn't felt as sad as I though I would. I feel more numb, I tear up for a few seconds but I'm holding it together. I'm going to miss him.

I couldn't bring myself to go to Zumba tonight, I'll go tomorrow. I have to try my best going to work out on my high cal days. But since I'm on the 60 days challenge, I'll just to some leg and stomach workout at home tonight. There's these great workout vids on Youtube called 5 minutes workouts with Tammy, they're great and really easy. There's no tools needed or anything. Check out one of the vids here:

Anyway, to the hard facts. Morning weight was 51,6 kg. I will start weighing myself in the mornings instead, I feel that it is easier to get the consistency since the weight can go up and down so much during the day depending on what I eat or drink.

Crisp bread with low cal cheese and turkey (200 cals)
1 cup of Gazpacho soup (87cals)

About 100 grams of Mac n Cheese (200 cals)

Total cals: 487, the mac and cheese filled my up so bad that I almost feel nauseous. I'll have 1/3 of what's left for lunch tomorrow (200 cals) and then half when I get back home for dinner (200 cals).

Day twenty: Do you binge? How often and what triggers it?
A: Binge, not so much. That maybe happens once every three months. But I've been bad at staying within cal limits sometimes. I havn't thought about what triggers it, maybe if I knew I wouldn't do it. I just get these unexplainable cravings, and no, it's not even close to when I'm on my period. Do you guys get this? Like bolts from the blue?

Fridens liljor!

Sending him off to heaven

I feel absolutely devastated right now. My mother just called and told me that they're putting my doggy to sleep at 3 pm today. I just want to cry but I'm at work and I don't want to be a trouble to anyone. He's been sick for a while and he's just not getting better, so it's the right thing to do... but still terrible! I'm going to miss him so much... it will be so quiet.

I just want this day to be over! I'm so happy that I got to spend so much time with him at the end of this summer.

13 November 2011

Amazing weekend!

Good evening!

Have to say that the weekend in Gothenburg was great! Lots and lots of partying and just walking around the city! We went to see West Side Story, it was absolutely beautiful!

So, a great ending to my heavy life, tomorrow I'll start the ABC, it feels good with something fresh! I think the reason why I was doing so bad on the second go with the SGD was because it didn't work very well the first round. This time will be better. I'll be stronger. I'll be skinny!

So, for the first time ever, here's my stats. I'm going all in this time!

Weight: 51.5 kg
Waist: 72 cm
Thighs: 46 cm
Bum: 92 cm

For those of you not know how it goes, here's the chart! I looks kinda extreme on some parts, but hey, no pain no game right? Tomorrow I'll have a sallad with some chicken (no dressing!) and then I'll go to Zumba. Working out always makes me less hungry so I'll just have a 50 cal soup when I get back home. 

Week 1500500300400100200300
Week 2400500Fast150200400350
Week 3250200Fast200100Fast300
Week 425020015010050100200
Week 5200300800Fast250350450
Week 6Fast500450400350300250
Week 7200200250200300200150
Week 8FastSlowly return to a normal diet

Wish me luck! Here's a nice little inspiration video with a winter theme. It's getting so freaking cold up here! Enjoy, see you tomorrow. 

Fridens liljor!

60 days challenge Q&A
Day seventeen: Have you ever been called fat? Or skinny?

A: I have never been called fat, I hear a lot that I'm skinny though, but I don't think I'm skinny at all. I'm more normal weight I guess.

Day eighteen: Do you have to eat any meals with your family? Are they for or against your diet?
A: Sometimes I do, they're usually against my diet since everyone in my family likes fatty foods. Good think I live by myself though.

Day nineteen: Have you ever lied to avoid eating something?
A: I've done the classics; had a big lunch, stomache aches, at somewhere else or on my way home from work. They work pretty well.

11 November 2011

60 days + ABC?

Hey all!

Since I've been feeling so down lately and really been struggling with what I eat I'm thinking of maybe doing the ABC diet instead. I know what you're probably thinking, "What?! Trying the ABC instead of the SGD? Isn't that even harder? You'll never make it!"
Thing is that I think that maybe I just need something stricter? Something harder to make me feel more challenged. Maybe... I don't know... I don't know anything right now! But it's worth a try.

This is how it's done:

Week 1500500300400100200300
Week 2400500Fast150200400350
Week 3250200Fast200100Fast300
Week 425020015010050100200
Week 5200300800Fast250350450
Week 6Fast500450400350300250
Week 7200200250200300200150
Week 8FastSlowly return to a normal diet

So, I'm going to Gothenburg this weekend with no chance to update my blog, see it as a small break before the new fresh start on monday! Of course I'll still do my 60 days challenge, just because it's fun. I won't be following that one as slavishly.

Work out yesterday was 30 minutes fast walking, I'll probably will have to do the same today, and today with a big bag.

Day fifteen: What is your favourite kind of exercise?
A: Zumba and Yoga, too bad I don't have the time to do it as often as I would like to,

Day sixteen: Have you ever missed a work out just because you couldn’t be bothered?

A: Shamefully, yes, a couple of times. When I've just been mentally exhausted. Then I've been sleeping the whole day. Bad me.


I feel so bad and guilty for not sticking to the diet!! I went to a friend's dinner tonight, and usually she cooks these low cal, healthy foods.. today; cheese platter! And if there is anything I can't refuse when put infront of me, that's cheese! I practically stuffed my face, ate more than anyone else!

I've noticed, that when eating with others, I'm almost over doing it with showing them that I'm eating normally! I just eat and eat and eat! Even more than I used to before. I even take thirds! Just to not give away that I'm usually not eating like they do! Anyone else do that?

I just packed my bag, going to Gothenburg tomorrow so I'll prolly wont be posting this weekend either!

As I said in the last post, I feel terrible... cheating all the time, fattening up... but I'll try to do my best 'til this SGD is over. I havn't worked out today, at all.... even though I'm supposed to. I'm in a real bad place right now... feeling guilty, avoiding mirrors. Fat cow! The two (!) kilos I've lost this far I've gained back! Right now, I just want to pull my covers over my head and stay there until spring... Can't though... Got work tomorrow... Putain!

Oh! I've decided to put up the dress give away until my 6months or one year anniversary, mostly because of lack of interest! If anyone feel offended by this, let me know and I'll send you the dress!

Fridens liljor!

9 November 2011


I'm so sick of myself not being able to just man up and stick to this!!


Today starts a new weekly challange; to add an extra 30 mins to each work out this week or work out at least for 30 minutes/day. I will try my hardest! But right now I feel so discouraged.  

Day fourteen: Do you ever allow yourself a “rest day” from exercise or a “cheat day” from your diet?
A: Are you f*cking kidding me? I feel like that is all I ever do. Cheat! All the time! 

What should I do?! I can just feel the pounds piling up and adding to my thighs. I could hardly button my jeans this morning. Do you have any ideas of some other diets I could try? Maybe I just need something new? What have worked for you?

Fridens liljor!

Midnight update

Big yawn! Just finished some school work for tomorrow.

I've been pretty good with food today! At lunch I got a small tuna sandwich, 250 cals (didn't buy it myself so I felt that I had to eat it!) and then I had an omelett with parmesan cheese when I got home around 7ish. That's about 250 cals. But I walked it off by taking a power walk on my way home and running up the stairs (7th floor), apparently that burned off 205 so I managed to stay under after all! I almost died at the top of the stairs, but still.

Again I'm having this really busy week but I hope that I will find the time to go to the gym tomorrow!
We'll see how long it takes for our study group to finish.

Ok, to stick to my 60 days challenge I have to plan what to eat tomorrow! And it's so darn hard! It's a 400 cal day and I don't think I'll have any lunch and as I've told you before, the food options at our school sucks! Havn't they heard about a sallads bar? I'm getting pretty tired of the shrimp sallad, to be honest! Hopefully I'll find something else, the 7eleven is like the only place at campus where they mark the calorie content on the foods.

Wish me luck! Also, tomorrow it's time for a new challenge!

8 November 2011

Buon Giorno!

Hey all!

City Center of Parma, Italy

So I'm back from an amazing weekend in northern Italy, it was absolutely fantastic and so beautiful. And man, do they eat?! I feel like all we've been doing is eating. And every meal is a 3 course meal! There was no way around it, so I decided to just let myself go and enjoy it. Lots and lots of pasta!

Best thing though is my new babies! I will probably never be able to wear them but they are like jewelry! I'll just stand in them looking supercool! Versace, welcome to the family! Can you believe that I got them for only 104 euros? They used to be 990!! I love them! I also got this really nice linen jacket from Michael Kors. Love it! And of course my bag was full of parmesan cheese and really nice olive oil.

I promise that I will write more tonight, but here's some catching up on the 60 days challenge!

Day ten: Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have?
A: Hardly ever, only if I'm staying at an hotel or attending a breakfast meeting.

Day eleven: What are your family’s eating habits like?
A: When I was living at home we always had dinner together at night, usually lots of meat. I don't do that anymore. Now I'm having meat maybe once/week.
Day twelve: What are your friend’s eating habits like?
A: I have no clue =)

Day thirteen: Is your diet ever negatively influenced by your friends? Do they pressure/tempt you to eat unhealthy food? 
A: All the time! And I have such bad character so it's so hard to say no! That's why I'm trying to stay away from my friends during meal times. Forever alone!

Oh! Don't forget that tomorrow the dress is being randomly given to someone. To have a chance to get it, email me! 

Fridens liljor!


4 November 2011

Hmm... planning down the drain

So, I'm not good with planning meals... at all! No beef wok last night and no sallad for lunch.
Instead I had a mushroom soup (100 cals) for lunch and then I went to a friends house for dinner. Very risky! But she did this very lean bolognese and I only had a small portion, I estimated it to be around 350 cals. So I did stay within limits at least!

Today for lunch I just bought this small vanilla yogurt with muesli. It's delish but like 250 cals! So I guess for tonight I'll have to do something very lean. I'm thinking prawn wok instead of the beef. I just hope that my mum would like that as well. I'll figure it out. Good planning, eh?

Day nine: What is your favourite food, healthy or unhealthy?
A: Cheese, definitely cheese. Anything with cheese on it I just adore. I'm a bit sad that I hardly can have any at the moment. But it's for the best I suppose.

After work today I'm going to upgrade my phone subscription and get myself an Iphone 4S. Yey!

Hmm... black or white?

Oh, and don't forget! The dress is still up for grabs! Comment or email me if you want it!

3 November 2011


This is what I do all day instead of studying:

Click, Drool, Repeat

Change of plans

So I didn't go to work today... I just couldn't be bothered. Almost no one is there today so I called in sick. I might as well work from  home. But, as I'm not going to work I have to find out something else to eat for lunch. I'll probably just have a soup because I've got that at home.

I'm afraid to go to the store, but I still have to so I can by the groceries for dinner. But I'm feeling this cheese craving coming on, I'm pretty sure that I will slip if I go there. Maybe I can ask my mum to do the shopping on her way home from work since she is here visiting me. 

I know a cheese that is only 17 cals/slice... but that cheese really sucks! I hear about people talking about "non-fat" cheese that sounds really good, but we don't have that here. At least I've never seen it. Gah! Cheese cheese cheese! I could kill for toast right now! Luckily I don't have anything at home. And I know that if I buy something, I'll just finish it all! Wouldn't want that to happen. 

I'm glad that some of you have commented on the dress and likes it! Who knows, it might be yours soon :)

Too the challenge:
Day eight: Name 5 things you like about your body (you can do it) and the one body part you’d like to change the most.

A: I like my eyes, my cheekbones, my hands, my birthmarks (they give really nice patterns =)) and my arms. Darn that took a while to write... I didn't think I would struggle with this one. What an insight...
The thing I'd like to change the most is my thighs... I hate my thighs! I'm going to be better working them out!

Fridens liljor!

2 November 2011

Celebration Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I just noticed that I'm about to hit 1000 views very soon!

So, I'm gonna do a giveaway! And I'm giving a way a dress from the Swedish brand; Whyred!
The dress is super cute and in size 34, bought for about 150 $ and only been used once! 100% cotton and easy to wash. I really like it, but I havn't worn it for a year so it is time so say goodbye and send it to someone who will care for it better than me. It's a bit lower in the back, a very subtle yet sexy dress.

How to be chosen? Leave a comment or send me an email: le.mont.noir@gmail.com and then I'll randomly chose on of you (or the one that flatters me the most :P). One criterium is that you're following my blog. Then all I require is where the dress is to be sent, shipping fee is on me. Winner is to be announced on wednesday next week! Let the commenting and emailing begin and may best man/woman win!

Good luck!

Feeling slighty better...

Good evening all blog-readers!

So today I've been burning about 300 cals just cleaning my apartment. Then a classmate came over to watch a movie that we'll analyse. Unfortunately she wanted to grab something to eat so we went down to get some thai food. I chose the spring rolls, I looked them up and luckily I only had food for about 380 cals. Being a 400 cal day, I feel pretty good. It filled me up real good and we had a super late lunch so I think I'll be fine until tomorrow. Or at least 'til 8, after that; no food! I've been real good with that. That makes me kinda happy because I'm usually a late eater. I used to have no troubles having dinner att 11:30 at night. But no more of that! 

I apologize for all the depressing posts lately. I promise to try cheering up a bit. Even though it feels pretty good to get all that negativity out somewhere. I'm usually the one botteling up everything. 

Now I'm waiting for my mum to get here. Nice! And on saturday we're going to Italy! Yey! Just for 2 days, but still. I can use the change of scenery!

Also by answering the question below, I have managed to stay to my weekly challenge and is ready to move on to the second week! It's all about getting organized, to plan tomorrows meals the day before. This is going to be really challenging for me! This weekend it is going to be impossible and the next weekend too. But I'll do my best during the weeks. 

So, meal plan for tomorrow, it's a 500 cal day. For lunch, I'll have a sallad with chicken, beans and coleslaw. That's about 200 cals. For dinner I will have a stir fry with some lean beef. That oughta fill my mum up as well. 

Day seven: Do your friends and family know you are trying to lose weight?
A: I think my mum does, she kind of is trying to lose weight too. She really needs to! But I don't think she know to what extent. 

O well, fridens liljor!

1 November 2011


Gah! I don't understand why it has to be so damn hard!! It's not like I havn't done it before. Why can't I stay in control this time! I had a major food binge tonight and I feel really bad about everything!

I'm afraid to step on the scale. But I know I have to soon. Monday, monday I will find out what I've been doing to myself! I feel like a fat cow! How do you all stay so strong?! I just want to be back to this:

I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be much better though. I'll do my best though... At least I'm no eating after 8... yey...

Fridens liljor.

Morning quicky!

Good morning to you all!

I had to struggle to get out of bed this morning and still I didn't go to bed too late yesterday!
Must be the fact that it is getting so dark in the mornings, I just want to cocoon myself up in my blankets and sleep all day!

Picture from google

Oh, I decided to liquid fast today because of this weekend's high calorie intake! Wish me luck!

Anyways, though I just answer today's question for you!

Question 6: Have you ever been underweight or overweight?
A: In my opinion, no and yes. Looking at BMI, yes and no. For a short period this spring I had a BMI of 17. Loved it! And that's the BMI I had when I was in my higher teens too. Then something happend during summer (like lots of food and alcohol binges) and I was up WAY more than I've ever been. So yes, I feel that I was overweight.

I don't feel like that anymore though, not all the time at least. Now I'm just enjoying working my way down again.

Post more later!

Fridens liljor!