29 March 2012

One meal/day

I slept super long today. I think I better start taking my allergy pills soon, I think that's why I'm so tired! I just had tea all day until I got to work. There I had a small sandwhich with cheese (of course) and some peanuts. I think that's ok! I have no idea how many cals that is. I know that the two slices of cheese are worth 100 cals, but the rest... hmm... can't be that bad though, even though I know that peanuts are super high cal!

So now I'm back in my pretty little sofa, gulping down even more tea! I have to be careful not to run out though, I wont afford to buy more. I guess I can always take some from work.

Just watched the finals of the swedish Biggest Loser, very inspiring! I don't think I'll have the time to post anything this weekend. We'll see!

And just because I have absolutely NO money, I have this urge to shop!!


  1. Hey, i'm pretty much on the same diet lol, the poor girl one. It's hard here in australia cause i can get a McDonalds meal for $4.99 (burger, chips and drink) but a small salad or other such healthy item is upwards of $10!! no wonder so many people get obese!!

    I couldn't live without my green tea, one tea bag i can get two seperate drinks out of too! Yay for saving money haha.

    I also understand about the "no money, must shop" urge, i get that all the time!! It's so hard!!

    Stay strong, you can do it!! I have faith in you!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement!

      And I know! Junkfood is pretty cheap here as well. Lucky for us here in Sweden, is that veggies and root crops are fairly cheap. I try to eat as much as I can at home or at work where I can control what's put into my meals. Money wise it's still going pretty good. I think I have about 150 SEK, that's about 22 AUD. Yey! Only 26 days to go! Haha

  2. I find, once i've realised i CAN survive on such little money, i'm usually ok at almost sticking to that again, it can help with savings, but then other times i go in reverse. Because i had to withhold for so long, i go on a spending spree and leave me right back in square one. The joys of the mind lol.

    Our food here is ok, the cheaper it is though, the worse it tastes. Most of my food is packaged stuff so i know what calories are in it. I always worry that my "80 cal" apple might be more cause of its weight, or less, i just don't know! I find if i can see the calories written down, it's easier for me to add them up in my head during the day. I am very much a visual person.

    Thanks for replying!! It's very nice of you :)

    Think thin and stay strong!! xo


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