8 March 2012

So tired

Well, the honey water thing has been going pretty well all week. But I think I've hit a plateau or something, the weight just wont go down! I've been moving a lot, walking for at least 30 minutes and my work means some heavy lifting so it's not like I havn't been excercising. To night I had a "fuck it all"- dinner and made myself a grilled cheese. It's about 500 cals but that's all I've had all day. I think that's my biggest problem. When things isn't moving fast enough, I give up way to easy. I don't know what to do really. I think I need something that I can bring with me everyday that I can spread evenly to my meals. But I don't have the time or energy to cook at night for me to bring it. Maybe I just should boil some eggs so that they're ready to go all the time. I don't really like eggs but it seems like the easiest thing to do! I'll definitely hate eggs after two days but maybe it's worth it. Or maybe I should jump on one of those fixed cals/day type of diet again. But it's too hard for me to plan my meals at the moment and I don't want to eat sandwishes for lunch but that's the only thing I can think of that is cheap and as easy to bring as eggs.

Any ideas?

Fridens liljor!

Day seventeen: Have you ever been called fat or skinny?
I was called skinny when I was at my lowest weight about one year ago. Loved it!

Day eighteen: Do you have to eat any meals with your family? Are they for or against your diet?
I do sometimes, maybe once/month. Since I'm not really on any diet at the moment they have nothing to be against =)


  1. my fitness pal really helps you to plan, you just add everything after each meal, log exercise, and you can set your cal amounts to what you want. As you log, you can see how many cals are left for the rest of the day. Works quite well :) my username is waffleflavoredtea on there if you want to add me.
    I have to eat meals for my fam, and they are usually either out to eat, which is far too high of cals, or something I made for them, which is okay but with them I tend to have multiple servings :/ baad.

  2. try bringing some fruit with you? i usually take a tangerine or an apple or something, and a flask of green tea too :) xxxx

  3. orrr maybe some houmous and carrot sticks, they're pretty good too :D xxx

  4. Tack för tipsen! Eftersom jag inte hade jättelång tid på mig hittade jag på en otrohetsaffär för jag tänkte det var lättast att skriva moraliskt kring :) så nu är det iallafall inskickat och klart!

    planer för helgen?


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