1 March 2012

What kind of sorcery is this?!

I think some one is feeding me fat through a tube when I sleep. Or that the diet I'm trying now is just bullshit! Well, I was aware of that it was a lot of food, but pretty spread out atleast. But in two days I've gained 2 kg! WTF?! And it's not that time of the month yet so it can't be because of that. You guys who have seen the diet plan, what do you think? Is it really that bad that it would make me gain that fast?!

Biggest issue right now though is that I've already bought all the food and I don't want to waste it because of the cost. I think that I might just half the portions and eat if for a couple of more days. Hopefully that will work.

O well, back to my studies *sigh*

Question 11: What are your family's eating habits like?

There are reasonably healthy I think. But my mum, as I've told you, uses this crazy amount of butter when cooking.


  1. It's definitely water weight + weight of the food in your intestines + water retention of carbohydrates that you eat. its seriously not possible to gain 2 kg in two days unless you're eating around 8,000 calories per day.

  2. sv: Ja, nu är det över mellan oss och jag hoppas det bara gör gott för mig.. krma.


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