25 September 2011

No scales, how to know progress?

Alright, getting really pumped up for the start of "my new life" tomorrow.
The one thing I noticed that I really have to work on is drinking. Water that is.
This weekend, I don't think I've gulped down even 2 liters. Bad me!

I do have tomorrows meals figured out though. It's on 400 cals and we have a work lunch.
But if I order an all veggie-salad with no dressing I should be alright. Also, I've found and fallen in love with Cup a Soup from Knorr. Their Gulasch is only on 55 cals and really filling.

I am a little bit worried about the exercise this week though, got tons in school due friday, so I will have to stay late, there of also missing my gym classes. I just will have to do some working out at home, I guess. I'll let you know.

O yea, I just remembered. I don't have any scales, so I will probably have to ask a friend of mine to buy one for me tomorrow when I'm in school or I'll have to wait until sometime later this week. But it would be nice to know my starting point. The goal of all this is to get into my skinny jeans. Right now they're barely over my hips. Oops.

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