24 September 2011

Time to get started. Welcome to my blog!


I do not know who I'm doing this for, except myself. On Monday morning I'm starting a new project. A unique project that I do not think anyone else in the world have tried . Prepared? I'll lose weight! By following a very extreme regime that I have heard of; exercising and eating less.

Could it possibly work?

To make this a little more interesting and controversial, I'll use a method called Skinny Girl Diet (SGD).

Oh, and why do I do a blog about this? As I said, it's mostly for myself. If I have a forum where I have to write every day what I eat and how I workout, it is more likely that I will actually follow this through.

That said, a bit controversial, people will probably hate a bit, but that's okay with me.

Good luck to me! Here's the calorie plan.


  1. Are you counting fruits and veggies? They aren't originally supposed to be part of the total for the day but a lot of people count them anyway. I was just wondering bc I was restarting the SGD Monday too.

  2. I havn't really decided yet, I think I'll start out counting the more calorie rich ones. I won't count lettuce and like cucumber.

  3. Good luck with your journey on the SGD. I'll be reading and supporting you sweetie :)

    GSK xoxo

    NB: We all love a bit of controversy ;)


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