28 September 2011

400 yet again

I feel like I've been eating all day today and yet I've been within the limit.
Todays meals:

Lunch: Thaisoup from Kelda, 255 cals

Snack: Veggie sticks with hummous, 65 cals

Dinner, Knorr Cup a Soup, Goulasch, 55 cals

Total: 375 cals

I did climb all the stairs up to my apartment, I live on the 6,5th floor. So atleast I've been moving around a bit.

Oh, might as well write that I'm also trying to quit smoking. I did really good the two first week, but this week I've had like 5 cigarettes in school. Which I still think is pretty good compared to smoking a pack/day. Yey me!

I don't feel tired or anything, well, not more than one would usually do after a whole day in school. I think this is going to go really good. And if I can do it, anyone can. I've got the worst self discipline EVER!

We'll see what I've got to say about that on the real low cal days!


  1. sv, härligt med en ny bloggare!
    se bara till att det inte blir för lite mat :)

  2. Hej Anna,

    I'll write in english just for the sake of it :)
    Thank you for your concern about the food, but as you will see during this month is that it is actually possible to eat healthy filling things that are low cal.

    Hope you'll like how it all turns out!


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