30 September 2011

Not even lunch time!

It's not even lunch time and today I'm absolutely starving! I'm working all day today, and I don't think I will have the time to have lunch either since I have to run some errands during lunch. Buying some scales, among other things.

Any tips on low cal on the go foods? All I can think of is really unhealthy foods like fries, burgers, hot dogs. What you think? Cal limit today is 450.

O well, back to work! No rest for the wicked! I'll write more tonight or tomorrow!



  1. Those Luna bars or power bars or whatever are pretty good. I keep a stash in my purse and desk. They are like 200 calories each, but you can eat half and it keeps you pretty full and gives ya tons of vitamins, protein, etc.

  2. Those sounds good, I havn't seen it in the stores though. I'll definitely look for them. Thank you!


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