25 September 2011

New clothes, inspired!

It might be a little off topic, but hey, it's my blog and I can write whatever I want on here! Woohoo, newbie-blogger on power trip!
Any who, I got a boost friday afternoon when I got to pick up my season box from H&M. I wasn't feeling well at all and it was nice to get something to cheer me up. Everything fit (not in the size I wanted, but still) and I'm so ready for fall. I might upload som outfit pics, never wrong to mix it up a bit and there's nothing more inspiring to lose weight as some nice clothes! 
Is that something people would want? (well, something that you would want? Since I've only got one reader this far; hello, by the way :))
Don't be shy to send me some ideas for my blog, as I said; I'm a newbie and it would be great to interact with the readers.

Good night!

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