29 September 2011

Feels good to be home before 9

Wow, I havn't been home this early all week. Feels good, and yet I've got so much to do.
Yet, I don't think I will study more tonight, I'll do that this weekend.

I've been in a pretty bad mood today, but I blame that on my study group that just couldn't focus. I hate that! I'm a bit of a mini-dictator when it comes to group efforts so when people don't do what I expect them to I just get pissed off! At least at one of them... the other one's cute, and I think he feels the same about me!

Oh well, enough sounding like a high schooler and get to business!

Again, no working out, except for carrying my 1 ton backpack around all day. It'll get better after wednesday next week. Promise! I really want to get started, get stronger!

So, limit at 500 today, had a nice lunch consisting of nile perch and vegetables, total cals: 320.
I was planning to have a bowl of miso soup tonight because I thought the cal content would be 100, but I misread the packages and apparently it's only 6 cals/portion. So I'm gonna have that together with a crisp bread with chèvre cream, 150 cals, Yum!

Here's the miso I'm going to eat!

I was going to take an outfit pic today, but it's heard to take a whole body picture with an iphone. Sorry!

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