29 February 2012

So much food!


So, day two of the ODM diet is done, and I am so full! Still after 2,5 hrs! I almost felt as if I was force feeding myself at dinner.

Yesterday was so much better! I had a lovely lunch of two eggs and a tomato. I mixed it together to make it more of a sallad and added some spices.  Yum! And for dinner I had half of the boiled meat I made with some green sallad. Lovely as well, a bit too salty though.

But today! Had toast with nothing and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Then I had the same thing I had for dinner last night as lunch. So far so good. But dinner! 5 oz of ham and a yogurt (0% fat). My tummy hurts now!

Sorry for the short post, have no energy and I just want to go to bed!

Fridens liljor!

Question 10: Do you eat breakfast?
I do now! Usually I don't but I think I will try to make it a habit! Apparently it's good for you! Haha

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