1 October 2011

Moment of truth...

... and I feel pretty good. I bought a scale today, and considering the last time I weighed in, it's not too bad! When I happened to step on a scale this summer is was like 10 kg over my goal weight. But apparently I only need to lose 5!  And I even over ate today! My best friend had a friend over from India who cooked for us. It was this amazing vegetarian meal. Main food was an eggplant stew that we ate with this potato stuffed bread! It was great! So great that I didn't care about cals or anything. I had 100 cals over from lunch, which was this nice Ceasar sandwhich, 350 cals. That would have left me with 100 cals. But I've decided not to turn home cooking down, at least when they've counted me in already!

But, even though the scale says one thing, my eyes says another! It's a new scale, mind you! I have no problem with my stomache, but my thighs.... woah! They're like flooding over. Even Noah and his arch would have been doomed!

I think it's because I havn't had any work out! I can't wait for monday night class to be over (3 more weeks) Because then I could actually work out and have fun!

Tomorrow is going to be fine! I'll be washing up and cleaning all day, that means, no time for heavy cooking! And at night I'll be going to this live concert in town. It's going to be great! If you havn't heard Yelle yet, check her out here: www.yelle.fr

Besides that, I'll have to buy everything for my birthday celebration on tuesday, I'm going to serve to bubbly and some nice snacks. Maybe wine leaf raps. Don't know yet!

Anywho, I'm tired and a bit drunk. I'm going to bed! See you all (I love that more and more are joining in!) tomorrow!

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