22 February 2012

Days are over too fast

Hi all!

I've been in a pretty good mood all day! Calm morning with coffee in a cup instead of my bag, just sitter at home in the gray morning light, listening to silence. Loved it! I found some charcoal so I desided to make a self portrait. It turned out alright I think, being my first time and all. Sure, it's a bit crooked and uneven, but hey! So am I :)

Not much else happened today. I've done pretty good. I had no cheese! =D For dinner I had some pasta pesto and I've snacked on rice crisps. That's a total of about 540 cals. Pretty good I think! Maybe all this good thinking thing is going to work. 

Question three: Do you count calories? What is your daily calorie goal/allowence.

Well, I guess you've already figured that I do. I don't have a limit at the moment. I guess I'm alright being under 800, really happy if under 500. I think I'll only do this 60 days thing at the moment, last time I tried I did it at the same time as I did the SGD, and I messed up, so. 

Fridens liljor!


  1. Hello there.

    My name is James Nye.

    I am a producer and journalist for a British company called Barcroft Media.

    I am extremely interested in speaking to you whenever you can about this blog and the pro-anorexia lifestyle that you are living.

    This is for me to try and gain a fully rounded idea through research into this much-judged choice.

    I can be contacted on james.nye@barcroftmedia.com

    or on 212 796 2458



  2. The pro-ana community and life style is very much a secret one and non of us would wish this condition on anyone. We connect with each other by making and reading these blogs, the feeling of not being the only one is of great comfort.


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