24 February 2012

Open reply to Mr Nye

Hi, so this journalist left me a comment, and I've decided to share what I wrote back to him.

"Mr Nye,

Thank you for your comment and shown interest. Unfortunately, I don't think that me reply will be to much help.
I have never stated to be pro-anorexia or supportive of it. Eating disorders are terrible conditions that I wish for no one.
Yes, I do try out regims and diets that are probably unsafe, frowned upon and widely used in the pro-ana communities.
Sure people might find it offending and maybe triggering, but not once have I written anything about being pro-ana.

Good luck with your research.

Best regards,

La fille du Mont Noir"

Just thought that you might be interested. I have to get to work now so I'll write more tonight or tomorrow!

Fridens liljor!

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