27 February 2012

Here we go!

Looking forward to starting the ODM diet tomorrow. All the groceries are bought and right now I have 2 portions of the meat boiling at the stove. I bought some really cheap chuck cut so some of it was more suitable for to be boiled. Only added water, some onions and a lot of spices. I think it'll be fine! Also, 400 SEK for one week of breakfast, lunch and dinner isn't much at all! That's great since I'm a student!

I went to the blood central today because I wanted to finally sign up to be a blood donor, and everything went great until I was to roll up my sleeve for the test and the nurse noticed my scars. I don't know if I put it on the blog, but a couple of weeks ago I kind of relapsed for the first time in two years. I just went to a very dark place. It was pretty scary because since then I havn't had any of those tendencies and not before hand either. So, she told me that because of that little slip up I can't be a donor for at least two years! Sure, I get the whole thing that if I cut I might contaminate the blood, but two years?! It was just to make sure that it wasn't a recurring thing. No wonder that we have a shortage on blood in this country if they're going to be like that!
Only good thing about the visit was that they wanted to weigh me just to see that I hadn't lied on my health application. She also told me that they probably would everytime I got there to give blood. Just to be sure. That  made me feel a little better about it :)

Anywho, I guess I'll have to put my Florence Nightingale ambitions to the side for now.

Almost forgot to post the 60 days challenge thing!

Question 7: Do your friends and family know that you are trying to lose weight?

I think that most of them are aware of that I like to try out different diets. But I don't think that they know it's because of the weight but more from a health perspective.

Question 8: Name five things you like about your body and the one body part you would like to change the most.

Ok, here goes. 1. My eyes 2. My wrists, they're tiny! =D 3. My boobs, small and perky 4. My mouth 5. Darn, it's getting hard now. Hmm.. I'd say the shape of my nails!

The one thing I'd like to change the most are my thighs, and with that my bum. I feel like it's kind of a package deal. Damn you, womanly shapes!

For week two of this challenge I am also supposed to stick with the non cheese eating thing. I can keep that unless for friday when I'm supposed to eat gruyere cheese for lunch. I think that's what won me over! I just looves my cheese.

The new challenge is to get organized, thankfully, the new diet is all set in stone. I love that! We'll see how it goes when it's done! Haha

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