12 February 2012

Dumping a friend?

My oh my. Last night ended really really badly. I kind of had to tell this friend of mine that I can't see him anymore. He told me around christmas that he's in love with me and I thought I kin of had feelings for him too. Later I realized that I don't. He get really sad and me too. But it's better just to tell him, right? Out of desperation I made myself a small omelett for a midnight snack, so that ads about 190 cals to my 300.

Today I woke up with this major panic attack! I havn't had those for ages. It felt as if my heart would just jump through my chest or that I would puke it up. Sweating like a pig, I felt terrible! So I've been taking it very easy today, watching pokemon (yup, I'm a nerd) and staying in bed. I've been alright with food. I had some low-fat, plain yogurt, some minestrone soup and tonight I had 2 low-fat grilled cheeses. I was in desperate need of some comfort food. Total today: 750. It seems quite high, I know. But it's the weekend, I need to cut me some slack! Also! I havn't been smoking all day! Good on me!

I think I'll skip studying tonight and go to bed early. I'll do my homework tomorrow before work. So, Valentine's coming up, I got this guy I've never met to ask me out for dinner! Yey, we're going to this nice place with pretty lean nice food. It will be easy to keep the cals from running high! You guys have any plans?

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