11 February 2012

Ok, let's do this.

Hello strangers,

So, I think I'm ready to give this another go. New motivations, new looks for the blog. What do you think of it? Pretty motivational to me!

 I was sitting in the bath tub and listening to some inspirational music (see below for list and here's the spotify-link for those who have it: Spotify list) and now I've decided. I can't live like this anymore. I look terrible after almost two months of not having the energy to even think about what goes into my body. Yuck! I havn't gained a terrible lot (I'm 51.2 kg now), but I look it. I look saggy and unfit. I won't have it!

Before completely changing my regime and getting started with the SGD again (fingers crossed) I will just try portion control and say absolutely no to any sugar. No candy, no sodas or anything else sweet. Only reason for not getting started right away if for being flat broke, so I can't afford to buy anymore food than I've already got. So I will post what I eat every day, starting tomorrow, and I will try to make at least 30 mins of excercise done everyday (this is so going to be my week spot! I'm WAY to lazy!)

Also, I think I will start over with the 60 days challenge. For those of you who've already read it, just skip that part!

Let's do this shit!

My skinny music list:

3 Doors Down – Be Like That
Adele – Hometown Glory (Album)
Bethany Dillon – Beautiful
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Christina Aguilera – The Voice Within
Coldplay – Yellow
Coldplay – Fix You
The Cure – The Exploding Boy - Studio Demo
Cute Is What We Aim For – The Curse Of Curves
Edith Backlund – Skinny (P3 Sommar Session Version)
Eels – My Beloved Monster
Eleanor McEvoy – Sophie
Elisa – Dancing
Filter – Skinny
Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can
Foo Fighters – Skin And Bones
Fun. – Be Calm
Fun. – We Are Young - feat. Janelle Monáe
Garbage – Stupid Girl
Garbage – When I Grow Up
Glee Cast – Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)
Glee Cast – I Feel Pretty / Unpretty (Glee Cast Version)
Goo Goo Dolls – Acoustic #3
Huntingtons – Fade Away
Ingrid Michaelson – Keep Breathing
Interference – Gold
Jónsi – Sticks & Stones
Juliana Hatfield – I'm Disappearing
Kasey Chambers – Not Pretty Enough
Kate Nash – Skeleton Song
Katy Rose – Lemon
Kittie – Paperdoll
Lily Allen – The Fear
Lisa Loeb – She's Falling Apart
Maria Mena – Eyesore
Maria Mena – Just A Little Bit
Marketa Irglova – The Hill
Melissa Horn – Långa nätter
Melissa Horn – New York
MIKA – We Are Golden
Missy Higgins – Katie
Muse – Time Is Running Out
Muse – Unintended
Nada Surf – Weightless
The Narrative – Starving For Attention
Natalie Merchant – Tell Yourself
Natalie Merchant – My Skin
Nikki Flores – City Lights
P!nk – F**kin' Perfect - Explicit Version
A Perfect Circle – Vanishing
The Pretty Reckless – Miss Nothing
Pulp – Anorexic Beauty
Rachel Kurtz – Hunger Strike
Radiohead – Talk Show Host
Regina Spektor – Better
Regina Spektor – The Call
Rilo Kiley – Portions For Foxes
Rilo Kiley – Jenny, You'Re Barely Alive
Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
Saves The Day – Bones
Saves The Day – Cars & Calories
Sia – Breathe Me
Sia – I'm In Here
Simple Plan – Untitled - Domestic Album Version
Sixpence None The Richer – There She Goes
Skunk Anansie – Brazen Weep
Skylar Grey – Invisible
Stone Sour – Through Glass
Stone Sour – Bother
Superchick – Stand In The Rain
Superchick – Courage
Superchick – Beauty From Pain
Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under The Influence
Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Me And Mia
Ted Leo/Pharmacists – Me And Mia
Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl
Tracy Chapman – All That You Have Is Your Soul - Live
U2 – I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

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