19 February 2012

New week, new chances

Well, I'm a bad little blogger now aren't I?!

My plans to fast totally back fired since I forgot that my mum was coming to town. She's like a major feeder! Funny thing is that she is on her way to lose weight too (she looks like a litte pig at the moment!) and she's doing really good. Doing hot yoga 5 times/week and doing the GI-diet. But when she comes here she's like obsessed with cooking for me. Sure, she doesn't use any thing that's has a high glycemic index, but damn that woman likes her butter! Everything she fries is more or less boiled in butter! And she wonders why she doesn't lose weight quicker?!

Enough about that though! Since I didn't do great, I think of having another go tomorrow. But due to a test on tuesday I think I'll need some nutrions for my brain. So I'll probably have a small bowl of low fat yogurt with some raspberries for breakfast.

I found it to be pretty hard to resist tempations when you work at a café, I'll try to do better!

New week, new goals! Tomorrow I'll start the 60 days challenge too (didn't I say that last week? Hmmm...)

Fridens liljor!

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