11 February 2012

Today I went for a 30 min walk and walk all my stairs (I'm at 6,5 fl). Went to a girlfriends house for a cup of tea, and I had this amazing open apple pie. 300 cals. Since thenI've had a bottle of wine. But atleast I walked up the stairs!

Food: about 300 cals

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  1. At least you aren't letting yourself get hung up about having extra treats today. Wine certainly adds up in calories, but my hubby and I both have a saying, "Sometimes you just need a f*ck it day". :) Basically, you need a day once in a while to just be okay with not doing anything, with not sticking to your goals, and with doing things however the hell you please! :) Sounds like a rather enjoyable time you had today! I never get to go to friend's houses anymore, we all just come to my place or go out to eat, haha.


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