15 November 2011

Good day!

I'm so freaking tired at the moment so this will be a quicky!

Morning weight: 51.5 kg (about 113.5 lbs)
Breakfast: Vanilla yogurt and two slices of cheese 170 cals
Lunch: I don't remember eating lunch, but on a not I wrote 50 cals, so I guess I'll stick to that
Dinner: 3 slices of ham and som parmesan cheese 250 cals

Then I did Zumba with toning sticks (so much FUN!!) and that apparently burned 470 cals.

Total: 470 - 460 = 10 cals.

Feels pretty good about that! I've been really bad at drinking water today though, and I forgot my water for Zumba so I was parched when I got home to my freezing apartment. I'm not kidding, it was so cold that my nose started hurting. The balcony door had been open all day. I finally got the heat up though.

Day twenty-one: Do you listen to music when you work out?
A: Well, since I mostly do all my working out in gyms, yes. Zumba music is so much fun!

I havn't done well with this week challenge, with the 30 min workout everyday. I kinda sucked at it. Unless you count walking... I don't know if I should? Should I?

And hey, how do you like the new layout? It's pretty bad isn't it? I'll change it sometime when I get the time or feel inspired.

Fridens liljor!

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