11 November 2011


I feel so bad and guilty for not sticking to the diet!! I went to a friend's dinner tonight, and usually she cooks these low cal, healthy foods.. today; cheese platter! And if there is anything I can't refuse when put infront of me, that's cheese! I practically stuffed my face, ate more than anyone else!

I've noticed, that when eating with others, I'm almost over doing it with showing them that I'm eating normally! I just eat and eat and eat! Even more than I used to before. I even take thirds! Just to not give away that I'm usually not eating like they do! Anyone else do that?

I just packed my bag, going to Gothenburg tomorrow so I'll prolly wont be posting this weekend either!

As I said in the last post, I feel terrible... cheating all the time, fattening up... but I'll try to do my best 'til this SGD is over. I havn't worked out today, at all.... even though I'm supposed to. I'm in a real bad place right now... feeling guilty, avoiding mirrors. Fat cow! The two (!) kilos I've lost this far I've gained back! Right now, I just want to pull my covers over my head and stay there until spring... Can't though... Got work tomorrow... Putain!

Oh! I've decided to put up the dress give away until my 6months or one year anniversary, mostly because of lack of interest! If anyone feel offended by this, let me know and I'll send you the dress!

Fridens liljor!

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  1. Men du nu blev jag lite ledsen när du skrev så. Det är inte lyllos mig för att jag har det, inget är lyllos mig. Tog lång tid innan jag vågade lägga ut bilder, jag gör det inte med stolthet och utan skam, jag vill bara att min blogg ska va lite mer personlig. tycker om när andra har foton på sig. så får man sig en bild av vem personen är.


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