18 November 2011

Up and down, down and up

Well, yesterday started out really good; morning weight 48 kg (!!). I felt really happy.
But then nature struck and it's that time of the month, so today when I weighed myself I was up to 50.5 again! Merde!

My mum is laying sick in my bed unable to get home because of otitis, so she can't fly. It's cozy and all but it kind of messes up my eating plans!

And today's my dad's birthday = birthday dinner. No 300 cals there. I'll try not to eat anything all day until I have to go there. I know that there's a big risk of me just shoving food down my throat because I will be starving by then but I'll try to restrain myself.

Also, since my mum is prolly going to stay over the weekend, it will be really hard to stick to those low cal days. Maybe I can do some boullion soup, that's low cal and pretty nice when you're sick with a soar throat.

Kinda short update today as well; here's the Q&As.

Day twenty-three: Do you feel that your weight holds you back socially?
A: Yes and no, yes because I feel so guilty when we're out eating and I really want to have what everyone else is having, just because I don't want to have to answer any questions. But other than that, no.

Day twenty-four: Is losing weight one of your top priorities in life?
A: At the moment, yes! It's that, finding a new job (I've got a call back to a second interview, it's on monday! Yey!) and not failing my french course.

Oh, and here's a nice song inspired by the title of this post! Enjoy!

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