2 November 2011

Feeling slighty better...

Good evening all blog-readers!

So today I've been burning about 300 cals just cleaning my apartment. Then a classmate came over to watch a movie that we'll analyse. Unfortunately she wanted to grab something to eat so we went down to get some thai food. I chose the spring rolls, I looked them up and luckily I only had food for about 380 cals. Being a 400 cal day, I feel pretty good. It filled me up real good and we had a super late lunch so I think I'll be fine until tomorrow. Or at least 'til 8, after that; no food! I've been real good with that. That makes me kinda happy because I'm usually a late eater. I used to have no troubles having dinner att 11:30 at night. But no more of that! 

I apologize for all the depressing posts lately. I promise to try cheering up a bit. Even though it feels pretty good to get all that negativity out somewhere. I'm usually the one botteling up everything. 

Now I'm waiting for my mum to get here. Nice! And on saturday we're going to Italy! Yey! Just for 2 days, but still. I can use the change of scenery!

Also by answering the question below, I have managed to stay to my weekly challenge and is ready to move on to the second week! It's all about getting organized, to plan tomorrows meals the day before. This is going to be really challenging for me! This weekend it is going to be impossible and the next weekend too. But I'll do my best during the weeks. 

So, meal plan for tomorrow, it's a 500 cal day. For lunch, I'll have a sallad with chicken, beans and coleslaw. That's about 200 cals. For dinner I will have a stir fry with some lean beef. That oughta fill my mum up as well. 

Day seven: Do your friends and family know you are trying to lose weight?
A: I think my mum does, she kind of is trying to lose weight too. She really needs to! But I don't think she know to what extent. 

O well, fridens liljor!

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