18 November 2011


A colleague just offered me this really nice looking chocolate cream and I just had to have one. Stupid me, I can feel my stomach hating me for it and now I feel kind of sick.

I had to have a sandwish before too. Why can't I be stricter! I'm well about 300 cals now and that was supposed to be the limit for today. I'm so tired of excusing myself all the time, it doesn't make it more right.

FML at the moment!


  1. Sv: Jag ska väl sola,bada vara med min pappa& "pojkvän" som bor där.. Sen får jag väl se hur det blir med ev studier eller jobb. Vill vara där till Sommaren/höst 2012 (om jag ska börja i skolan i Sverige då) Annars tills jag töttnar?



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