24 November 2011

Calorie mix up!

Ooops, I switched yesterday's calintake up with today's so today I'll only have 300 cals.
I havn't had anything to eat yet and I'm getting pretty hungry.

I didn't weigh in this morning, I was afraid to after these days with no calorie limits. Yesterday was fun though, my class mates and I went to this bar and had some beers. Since I hadn't eaten all day I got pretty wasted pretty fast! Haha. But at least I got in bed early then.

I won't have the time to Zumba today, I have to pack and start with this essay for school. I have no clue on when I'll have the time to do it! Gah! This weekend I'm going down south to celebrate my mum's b-day. It'll be weird without the dog there, I bet it'll be really quiet!

I'll post when I get back home tonight too. Then I'll give you some stats and what I decide to eat today.

Fridens liljor!

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  1. sv, jag vet, mina chefer på jobbet är HELT dumma i huvudet :( jag hatar dom verkligen! ofta man inte får gå hemnär man är sjuk :S

    hur går det för dig?


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