14 November 2011

Slow night.

I totally wanted to get some wine and get a little bit drunk tonight, but I forgot my id and now I'm way to tired to get out again. I havn't felt as sad as I though I would. I feel more numb, I tear up for a few seconds but I'm holding it together. I'm going to miss him.

I couldn't bring myself to go to Zumba tonight, I'll go tomorrow. I have to try my best going to work out on my high cal days. But since I'm on the 60 days challenge, I'll just to some leg and stomach workout at home tonight. There's these great workout vids on Youtube called 5 minutes workouts with Tammy, they're great and really easy. There's no tools needed or anything. Check out one of the vids here:

Anyway, to the hard facts. Morning weight was 51,6 kg. I will start weighing myself in the mornings instead, I feel that it is easier to get the consistency since the weight can go up and down so much during the day depending on what I eat or drink.

Crisp bread with low cal cheese and turkey (200 cals)
1 cup of Gazpacho soup (87cals)

About 100 grams of Mac n Cheese (200 cals)

Total cals: 487, the mac and cheese filled my up so bad that I almost feel nauseous. I'll have 1/3 of what's left for lunch tomorrow (200 cals) and then half when I get back home for dinner (200 cals).

Day twenty: Do you binge? How often and what triggers it?
A: Binge, not so much. That maybe happens once every three months. But I've been bad at staying within cal limits sometimes. I havn't thought about what triggers it, maybe if I knew I wouldn't do it. I just get these unexplainable cravings, and no, it's not even close to when I'm on my period. Do you guys get this? Like bolts from the blue?

Fridens liljor!

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  1. I get moments like that honey, so no you're definitely not on your own there. Just randomly I'll walk into the kitchen to take something in and I end up rummaging through the cupboards. :/ Stay strong angel, AK xoxo


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