1 November 2011

Morning quicky!

Good morning to you all!

I had to struggle to get out of bed this morning and still I didn't go to bed too late yesterday!
Must be the fact that it is getting so dark in the mornings, I just want to cocoon myself up in my blankets and sleep all day!

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Oh, I decided to liquid fast today because of this weekend's high calorie intake! Wish me luck!

Anyways, though I just answer today's question for you!

Question 6: Have you ever been underweight or overweight?
A: In my opinion, no and yes. Looking at BMI, yes and no. For a short period this spring I had a BMI of 17. Loved it! And that's the BMI I had when I was in my higher teens too. Then something happend during summer (like lots of food and alcohol binges) and I was up WAY more than I've ever been. So yes, I feel that I was overweight.

I don't feel like that anymore though, not all the time at least. Now I'm just enjoying working my way down again.

Post more later!

Fridens liljor!


  1. Jag hinner inte så ofta. Gymmet vet jag knapptnär jag var på sist. Men jag tänker mycket vardagsmotion! Jag cyklar ju mellan stall & jobb. Så då får man in några mil där :) Och jag försöker ta mig tid till att springa en sväng varje dag, det tar ju oftast inte mer än 20 minuter så då pioriterar jag att springa före att sitta vid datorn exempelvis :)


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