4 November 2011

Hmm... planning down the drain

So, I'm not good with planning meals... at all! No beef wok last night and no sallad for lunch.
Instead I had a mushroom soup (100 cals) for lunch and then I went to a friends house for dinner. Very risky! But she did this very lean bolognese and I only had a small portion, I estimated it to be around 350 cals. So I did stay within limits at least!

Today for lunch I just bought this small vanilla yogurt with muesli. It's delish but like 250 cals! So I guess for tonight I'll have to do something very lean. I'm thinking prawn wok instead of the beef. I just hope that my mum would like that as well. I'll figure it out. Good planning, eh?

Day nine: What is your favourite food, healthy or unhealthy?
A: Cheese, definitely cheese. Anything with cheese on it I just adore. I'm a bit sad that I hardly can have any at the moment. But it's for the best I suppose.

After work today I'm going to upgrade my phone subscription and get myself an Iphone 4S. Yey!

Hmm... black or white?

Oh, and don't forget! The dress is still up for grabs! Comment or email me if you want it!

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