9 November 2011

Midnight update

Big yawn! Just finished some school work for tomorrow.

I've been pretty good with food today! At lunch I got a small tuna sandwich, 250 cals (didn't buy it myself so I felt that I had to eat it!) and then I had an omelett with parmesan cheese when I got home around 7ish. That's about 250 cals. But I walked it off by taking a power walk on my way home and running up the stairs (7th floor), apparently that burned off 205 so I managed to stay under after all! I almost died at the top of the stairs, but still.

Again I'm having this really busy week but I hope that I will find the time to go to the gym tomorrow!
We'll see how long it takes for our study group to finish.

Ok, to stick to my 60 days challenge I have to plan what to eat tomorrow! And it's so darn hard! It's a 400 cal day and I don't think I'll have any lunch and as I've told you before, the food options at our school sucks! Havn't they heard about a sallads bar? I'm getting pretty tired of the shrimp sallad, to be honest! Hopefully I'll find something else, the 7eleven is like the only place at campus where they mark the calorie content on the foods.

Wish me luck! Also, tomorrow it's time for a new challenge!

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