23 November 2011

Back in b-nizz

I'm to wasted to write anything insightful right now. Since I've decided not to count alcohol, all I've had is one medium serving of fries from McD's. That's 340 cals.

Sleepy time now, I promise to write more tomorrow. At least my mum went home today!


  1. You can do it :) I have a roommate thats over weight and alway has fried food around. I used to always want it but now when I smell it I just think 'ahhh I will be thinner than you for not eating that, so go ahead, enjoy it because when I'm in a mini skirt you'll be wearing jeans blending into the background'. :)) I drink a lot of coffee - it helps and people stop noticing I'm not eating when I always have a cup in my hand

  2. Something tasty but also kinda kiddy like from McD's thats only 240 cals: the grilled cheese and apple slices happy meal lol its good though


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