11 November 2011

60 days + ABC?

Hey all!

Since I've been feeling so down lately and really been struggling with what I eat I'm thinking of maybe doing the ABC diet instead. I know what you're probably thinking, "What?! Trying the ABC instead of the SGD? Isn't that even harder? You'll never make it!"
Thing is that I think that maybe I just need something stricter? Something harder to make me feel more challenged. Maybe... I don't know... I don't know anything right now! But it's worth a try.

This is how it's done:

Week 1500500300400100200300
Week 2400500Fast150200400350
Week 3250200Fast200100Fast300
Week 425020015010050100200
Week 5200300800Fast250350450
Week 6Fast500450400350300250
Week 7200200250200300200150
Week 8FastSlowly return to a normal diet

So, I'm going to Gothenburg this weekend with no chance to update my blog, see it as a small break before the new fresh start on monday! Of course I'll still do my 60 days challenge, just because it's fun. I won't be following that one as slavishly.

Work out yesterday was 30 minutes fast walking, I'll probably will have to do the same today, and today with a big bag.

Day fifteen: What is your favourite kind of exercise?
A: Zumba and Yoga, too bad I don't have the time to do it as often as I would like to,

Day sixteen: Have you ever missed a work out just because you couldn’t be bothered?

A: Shamefully, yes, a couple of times. When I've just been mentally exhausted. Then I've been sleeping the whole day. Bad me.

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