12 October 2011

Bad, bad day

In so many ways. Food... don't even get me started. I think I've eaten at least 200 calories over the limit. And no time to work it off, damn damn. Tomorrow I'll do super good! I blame it on the cold, I just felt as if I would fall down and fall asleep on the spot if I wouldn't eat something, and trust me, the alternatives at our school aren't the best. Yuck!

And I've only lost a kilo so far. Maybe because I'm not working out, but is it really supposed to go this slow?

Then I got scolded in class for not finishing a book! Gah! I hate that feeling, but there's been so much this week. Anyways, bye bye life for a couple of days. If I don't post long it's because of school.

Good thing though, I got a dress delivered today that I've completely forgotten that I've ordered. It's really cute. We're having this "after school" thing tomorrow, I think I will wear it with my new over knee socks with ribbons. What do you think? You can't really make out the pattern in the pictures, but it's like flowers.

Now I'll have to run down and get my beanies and mittens, it's getting really cold up here! 

Fridens liljor!


  1. Fint! :) Hur mycket har du gått ner hittils?

  2. Tack =) Jag blev jättefin! Tyvärr har jag bara gått ner ett kilo :(


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