9 October 2011

What are we good for...

...absolutely nothing! Well, that's not what I feel at all, but it kinda sums up my day of absolutely nothingness. I can believe I let myself sleep away all my weekends, but it's so nice! And my bed is kind of hugging me and wont let me leave!

I made myself some pasta today, with just garlic and some parmesan cheese (550 cals), couldn't finish it all at lunch time, so I've just been taking a fork full when ever I feel a little bit hungry. Been working out great, feeling kind of like a slobby bachelor, but hey who cares? So I have 150 cals to spare. I know there is a piece of chocolate in the fridge, about 50 cals, so I might let me to it soon!

Found a small database of low-cal recipes in my other computer that I've totally forgotten about, will probably start cooking through them soon. Especially on the days that my mum lives here (2 days/week), it's always nice to cook her something nice.

Tune in for some good recipes :)

Tomorrow we're having another lunch meeting at work, worked out pretty good last week when I ordered just a salad with no dressing, but the guy buying the salads has like no fantasy so it was way to boring! I'll try to give him better directions.

Planning on this:
Lettuce, 14 cals
Mung Beans, 30 cals
Crayfish, 60 cals
Ceasardressing, 50 cals

Total: 154 cals, pretty good for a lunch, I think! Almost like a ceasarsallad but with crayfish instead of chicken. Yum!

Don't know what I'll have for dinner though, I'll browse a bit and see what I'll come up with!

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