9 October 2011

Men skinnier than me?!

Had a very unproductive day where I did absolutely nothing. I mostly slept all through it.
Then I had a very nice time at my bf's house, she was having a moving in party and I was invited for dinner before. She made homemade pizza! I felt pretty bad because I couldn't eat as much as I wanted of it, because it was delishious! I'm not really sure how many calories it was, but I figured that if a ordered pizza is about 1500 cals, I guess I had about 500 cals tonight. It wasn't anything too unhealthy on it, except the cheese.

The whole evening felt very international, we had representives from Belgium/France/Italy, the US and from Germany. It was great! I just got home though and it's just past 3:00 and I'm just gonna go have a long date with my pillows!

I don't know why I am so tired, I feel like I could sleep ALL the time! Maybe it's just because autumn is coming... I hope so! Speaking of autumn, I just realized that it is so much harder to eat low cal during the dark months here in Sweden. The whole food industry just turns on you and wants you to eat all these rich meat dishes with mashed potatoes (drool!). But I'll try to stay strong!


Oh shoot! I forgot to mention why my headline says what it does! Tonight, going home on the subway, I sat opposite to a man, I think he was about my age if not a lil bit older, and he was way skinnier than me. It kind of made me think, I envied him for being skinny, but I don't know if I could ever get together with a man skinnier than me. I don't really find it manly enough, not to step on any toes.

Oh... And I desperately need a smoke. All shops closed. Putain.

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  1. I know how you feel honey, I love homemade pizza, but I have no idea how many calories is in it.
    Some men are naturally slender I think so don't worry about it too much :) One of my former conquests was slightly taller than me and stick thin but he ate more than I did. He just had a small frame and a blessedly high metabolism rate.
    Some people have all the luck lol.

    GSK xoxo


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