14 October 2011


It's almost ten at night here and I've just finished working. I'm so tired! Too tired to write this, but what do you do! I can't have to night of not writing!

I have barely eaten today, I had some grapes at the office and that's it, so now I just ordered a small sashimi (home delivery, o yea!), I'll count the calories when it gets here, and I'm thinking about swopping today's calories with tomorrow's. Tomorrow I'll just be in school studying all day anyway so there's no reason for having that high cal limit. So, if tomorrow is 500. Do you have any good tips on what to snack on all day? I rather have like 10 small snacks than one big meal tomorrow. Don't say cucumber :P

Yesterday was great, after school (again, with no time for lunch :() we all went on an "after school", we didn't get home until like 2 am so I was a wreck this morning. But it was so much fun! We all just had a couple of drinks, went to dinner (I ordered this thai beef sallad, but they messed my order up so I hardly had any, keeping me within limits :P) and then went to karaoke! I love karaoke! I did my "I will survive" as always and then a grease duet with the guy I think I've told you about! Yey! Also, I looked super cute in my outfit.

Best thing, one of the girls there (really slim and pretty) said that she was jealous of my thin (?!) thighs! Made my night!

Sorry for not posting so much on what I eat, and how many calories, but my days have been so hectic so I just quickly calculate, is happy with the result or change my mind, and then forgets about it! Haha

I'll try to do better!

Have a nice weekend, all of you!

Fridens liljor.

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