16 October 2011

Eyes are bleeding...

My eyes are like bleeding from reading so much, and I'm not done yet! Have to finish a book in french by tomorrow and I have like 40 pages left. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I'm not on a high level french and the language is pretty difficult.

I managed no to over eat yesterday. I was in school all day long and just had this plate of food that they call: Health plate! Haha! It's this tiny amount of chicken, some melon and just some keso. Yum!

Today was worse though, one sunday/month my family join these other two families for sunday dinner and now we're talking real, old school, swedish cooking. I just know that I've over eaten. I probably wont have the time to eat tomorrow so I'll see tomorrow as a water up day and somewhat a remedy for this weekend's poorly results. I know it's not healthy, but heck, I think I'm on a plateau or something. It was the same thing last time I tried something like this and it's really frustrating. Hopefully next week is when it all kicks into action.

This is what my weekend has felt like!

Hope you all hade a lovely weekend, I love to see that there is more and more of you dropping by each day! How about a small celebration when we hit 400? What would you like to see on the blog to celebrate that? Don't be shy, give me some options!

Well, now I'm just gonna dry the blood out of my eyes and keep on reading. Merde, putain!

Fridens liljor!

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  1. sv. haha eller hur! kanske för att hon hade gått upp i vikt!

    hoppas du haft en bra helg!


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