17 October 2011

Good day!

Today has been a really good day, after a stressful night. Last time I checked the time because I couldn't sleep it was 3:30 in the morning. That means about 3 hours sleep. But I'm been going on override today and havn't been to tired.

I also feel that I have made up for my bad behavior this weekend, only had a small shrimp sallad today around 18 o clock and it was only 133 cals. I havn't really felt hungry at all. It was a bit painful right around twelve when I'm usually is having lunch at work, but I just ignored it until it went away. Yey!
Now I'm home though and now the real struggles begins since I know I will have to study until late and that I have delicious rice cakes in my kitchen + pb.  Someone give me the strength!

I'm gonna fill up a huge bottle of water so that I can fill me up with that instead! I can't wait 'til next monday, then I will finally be able to start a somewhat decent work out regim, at least once a week. It's better than nothing, right?

Only 8 viewers left until 400, give me your thoughts on what I should do to celebrate! Any juicy facts your wondering about? Want a grammar lesson in french? Let me know!

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  1. Well done honey. I'm so pleased that you're managing to stay so strong. I've been very low on willpower the last few days but my head's back in it now. I will be thin dammnit! :)

    Much love, AK xoxo


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