31 October 2011

Visit from the past

Damn I'm tired! I feel like I havn't slept all night, although I did! I did go to sleep pretty late though. I spent the night watching documentaries on youtube. Yes, on weight! How did you guess?!

Today has been super hectict! Even though I know that our monday meetings are somewhat important, it still takes away 2 hours of my most efficient time! And today before sending my boss off to China, I felt that I would have needed it. Of course I finished in good time anyway (and still they're firing me!!!). Nah, I understand them though. My post really needs someone full time! But the whole process of looking for a new job is stressing me out!

Food today.... too much! I had a sallad with some salmon, even though I mostly had the sallad, but tonight I met up with my ex for a drink, and unfortunately dinner. The dinner was nice, it was pretty nice meeting him, even though I felt for pity for him. He has gone NOWHERE since we broke up 6 years ago. Well, yes. He now has a job and, oops, a kid! I bet his a good dad, but I'm not surprised that she was an unwelcomed child, bless her heart. For dinner, I had the ceasar sallad with no dressing, but I know I've been over today! Bad bad me! But, tomorrow is another day... right?

Thing is, I think I'm relying way to much on tomorrow! I have to stop cheating all the time! No wonder I'm not losing weight! Tonight we went to this place that has absolutely no healthy food, but hey! That's no excuse! I wasn't even that hungry! Damn damn damn!

Also, I missed Zumba because of work.... failure! I feel even more like a wale today! What you think? Fast tomorrow to make up for it? Break the habit of eating?

Fridens liljor!

Anyone who gets this picture is awesome!!

Oh, I almost forgot! Today's 60 challenge question!

Q5: Is there any specific event you want to lose the weight for?
A: No, not really. Is life an event? Maybe lose enough for the next family gathering to make them notice?

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