11 October 2011

Poor little me!

I've catched a cold of some sort. My brain is trying to move out of my head and I'm tired all the time. My whole body is trembling! That's why I didn't write anything last night. I just got home, made mum make me dinner and then went straight to bed after having a long bath.

I did have the crayfish sallad for lunch, it was great, and really filling! For dinner I decided not to count the veggies since I reckoned that I needed all the extra energy I could get because of feeling sick. So me and my mum had these tiny sirloins steaks, about 110 grams (about 180 cals) with a green mix sallad, cherry tomatoes and some parmesan cheese on top. I don't even remember falling asleep!

Today, I have been as good as yesterday, if not better! I started out with a cup a soup for brunch (55 cals) and then for dinner I cooked for my mum and she loved it! I love cooking! And this time I tried something new and it was only 200 cals/serving. I made this really nice mushroom lasagna with truffle foam. I got the recipe from this book:

4 persons


Other fun things today, me and my mum met up at the mal close to where we work to buy her some mittens, instead we got home with this for me:

It's this hair curler that works with IR-heat, a new shampoo that we got for free from the gorgeous man selling us the curler (both from HerStyler) and some knee socks with ribbons (Twilfit). Big like on that! 

Also, when we went grocery shopping, the store we went to had this bright pink trolley that totally made my day! It's SO pink! Not that I have a pink fetish or anything, but it's just so much fun!

O well, now I have to finish writing a questionaire for school tomorrow. No rest for the wicked... not even the sick ones!

Fridens liljor!


  1. Sorry to hear that you're not well honey. :( I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Glad your day picked up though, loving the pink trolley :D
    That mushroom lasagne sounds delicious, I might have a go at making that!

    GSK xoxo

  2. sv, åh det är så underbart. man får sån himla kick!


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