3 October 2011

Sorry sorry sorry!

Sorry I havn't posted this weekend! I left my computer cable at the office so the computer has been dead. I've felt almost like a half person! Haha

Weekend was great, had a tad to much alcohol on saturday so I was a mess on sunday. But it was cosy just lying in bed with a friend and watching tv. We were supposed to go on a concert on saturday night, but the line was insanely long so we skipped in and went to play pool instead. Fun!

Food wise, I don't really want to tell, but yesterday I had half a pizza. I think that's about 1000 cals! Oops!
And I've been to busy to work out, I think I just will have to take it for what it is and move on. Forget about it. No more hung-over binging!

Write more later, work work work!

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