27 October 2011


As I expected, my body is aching today! I don't mind though, it feels pretty good =)

And today I will Zumba att 19:00, it's gonna be so much fun! I hope I will find it this much fun for a long time but if I know myself right, I know that I will grow tired of it in about a month!

Anyways, I'm finally over my 110's! Maybe now I'll actually get to see some results here!

I feel like I've got lot to cheer about right now! My weight, me getting to keep my job, the work out, my essay got pretty good grades and there was almost 100 readers on here yesterday! That's more then I had ever expected. Don't be shy! Say hi!

Today, again, I had the Shrimp sallad (133 cals) from 7/11, forgot to take a picture though, I'll make sure to do it some other time. Besides that I've so far also had 2 slices of cheese (17 cals) and one clementine (35 cals) Which leaves me with 315 cals left on this beautiful 500 cal day.
I have no clue on what to eat for dinner, and I know that I will be starving after the work out, maybe I'll to as last night and just grab a sallad with some nice toppings. Do you have any good 300 cal dinner recipes, please email them to me!

And while browsing through the blogs I read I found this really cool 60 days challenge. I havn't read through it all but it seems like a lot of fun. You can see it under my page links up on the right!
I totally stole it, but I'm sure she wont mind! What do you think? Is this something you'd enjoy reading about?

I guess this week's challenge is going to be not eating after 9, I know it says 8 in the text but there is no way that would work for me, I get home way to late!

And here's the question for today: 

Q: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days? 

A: Well, I'm not tall at all, I'm about 5'3 and right now I'm 109.12 lbs (49.5 kg). I have no clue what my goal weight is actually, this is more of an experiment, we'll see how low it'll go! 

Fridens liljor!

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