26 October 2011

From bad to good!

My day started with an emergency meeting at the office (made me miss my first class) where we were told that we were all let go. Major shock! Luckily, it's just for reorganizing the organization so it looks like I'm going to get to keep my job after all. This, of course, they told me later this afternoon - which gave me loads of time to eat a McDonald's cheeseburger (300 cals) because it totally stressed me out.

Hello, emotional eating - welcome to my life!

But! As a new part of my regime, I actually worked out today. Power yoga! Man, I'm out of shape. I did manage to keep up, but I was shaking all over and I know that I will have a problem getting out of bed tomorrow morning because of sore muscles. So, I'm counting that cheeseburger as I totally burned the calories after it! How do I know this? Because of this awesome calculator I came across this evening!

Click here for Glamour's Health Calculator
So I burned about 350 cals, and then I had a delicious sallad for dinner with green leafs, tomato/cilantro and mung beans. Yum!

To sum the day up, I did really good! Tomorrow I'll try Zumba for the first time, I hope I like it!



  1. I love this calculator too!
    is so useful!

    You are going well! **

  2. aa det var helt underbart skönt!

    åh vad skönt med yoga, jag minns hur bra jag mådde i kroppen när jag tränade dte två ggr/vecka förut. Så skönt :D
    o vad skönt med ett bad.det är det enda jag saknar sen jag flyttade hemifrån, ett badkar^^

    ha en underbar dag!


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