24 October 2011

New week, feeling good

I hade such a wonderful light feeling this morning when I woke up! I felt and thought that I looked really skinny today. Didn't have a chance to weight in though because a friend of mine stayed the night. Cosy!

Also, she asked me last night if I had lost any weight because I looked to skinny! Hurray! Maybe my scales actually are lying (As if!)!

Great start of a new week that is! Hope all of you are well too, I'm so happy that so many reads every day! I could never have guessed. Now I have to get to work, and I should probably call my odontologist because I kinda derailed yesterday, with no reason at all! Weird!

Fridens liljor!

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  1. Eller hur?! Så skönt när man kan prova mindre kläder och dom sitter perfekt, lycka!!
    Jag köpte jacka, 5 tröjor, jeansshorts o lite annat :D var i Stockholm oc sprang in i alla möjliga butiker :D


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